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There's so much I would like to write and let you know about myself and my ideal partner... but it would be like writing a book... so I'll try to keep this short. I've got a strong personality..I'm honest, caring and I can pick up on other peoples feelings and needs. I'm not a materialistic person. Basically three words that would describe me... would be, Honest... Caring... and spiritual. Don't be surprised... I am a romantic at heart. I'm very down to earth and I enjoy seeing other people happy. I take no credit for my good nature and character, all thanks and praise be to God for blessing me and creating me the way I am. I'm not just looking for a wife... I'm looking for a best friend, some one who I can have a laugh and joke with. share the cooking with, and yes... I can cook, clean and iron... don't be surprised.. Have been that way before loosing my woman in 2012 To me, your level of education is not important, as those are attained in colleges and universities, however, common sense is something that cannot be taught.... that's a gift you're born with, which is more important. But if you've got both, that's a bonus!

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