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Hello,am Ashlynn Melinda. I am new on this site to meet the most wonderful man in the world. am from UNITED STATE . i live in a small but comfortable flat. I come from a christian family but my parents is late. I am separated from my relationship and I do not have any child , But my dream is to marry the most wonderful man,who will always treat,make me feel good as a woman and have kids. However, my dream man will always in joy his marriage to me ,am a business woman, When I am not working I enjoy listening to music, going to the cinema, and eat lots of food. Im very healthy, I do not smoke cigarettes and I do not drink alcohol or use drugs. I stay healthy! I am seeking the best man to call the love of my life. My perception of an ideal relationship: I believe communication is very important. I want to read email, speak on the telephone, and meet in person. I also believe honesty is very important. I do not want to be deceived. I will ask many questions. I am not here for games, I only want to meet serious people with good intentions. My Ideal Person: Im looking for someone who wants to developing a serious relationship. Sensuality - like touching and massage - as important as sex in a relationship. I prefer someone who feels the same way i do.someone who will always appreciate me as a woman. who will also allow me to work and contribute to his life as a wife.

pics of me and my little one


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