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Name:Paul   Email:Members Only
Sex:Male  AIM:Members Only
Age:30  MSN:Members Only
Ethnicity: Italian  Yahoo:Members Only
Location:Canada  ICQ:Members Only
Last Online:6/8/2007 (GMT)   

Im not Italian. Im German, I travel a lot, by myself or with friends, around Europe, Canada, USA, Australia, Japan, and stuff. So, you never know, I might just be near you.I rave/party a lot. And I am also a surfer. I dye my hair a lot. If you want to know more, just ask.


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 __SexXineEsS__: heyy
thnx for the votee..Rlly appreciatedd
hey [ ! ]
thnx for the vote [ ]
 sweetkoukla_86: heii heiii
hruu thanks soooo much for the vote u kno u always got mine lol hahahah cuz ur wayy 2 hot for this shiit lol and yaa me and u put together are tooooo HOTTTTT for anyone lol hahah anywaz talk to on msn
p.s 2 HOT FOR WL
 liljulietta89:  SuP HoTty

ThAnKs FoR YoU'Re VoTe

thnx for the vote [ ! ]

[ ]Helene [ ]
 sweetkoukla_86: heii mr SEXY ASS
lol hru u u never talk on msn anymore lol well i havent talked to u in like 2 -3 days but i still miss u ~not rlly~ lol lol jokes haha thanks for the vote even though its a little late this but better later than never
anywaz talk to u later toodles
 nanitho: Heyy !!
thx for the vote
ull always have minee
TaKe CaRe
Heyy [ ! ]

thnk u so Much for the vote!!
I really appreciate it
Yu know u [A.L.W.A.Y.Z] have mine

[ ] Helene [ ]
Hey [ ! ]
thnx for the vote
ull A.L.W.A.Y.Z have mine
[ ] Helene [ ]
 xx_Joana_xx: Thankss For Ur Votee
U Will Always Have Mine [[Too]]
Great Pics Btww
ByeBye Tc -xxx-

 sweetkoukla_86: heiii freaken stranger lol
haha leaves and goes to japan without me hahah im kiddin lol haha omg thanks for the vote rlly appreciated but dont expect the same from me lol hahaha im jokin lol i just voted for u lol anywaz this is rlly long and im off ill talk to u on msn
 BaBiiGuRl1: hey.. well thanks alot for ur lil message.. n yeah ive realised u vote for me everytime n i rlyy rlyy appreciate it.. ur not lookin bad urself ..take care
_x0x0_ christinaa
 BaBiiGuRl1: heyy!!
thnx for the vote
really appreciate it
ull alwayss have mine

 cynthia01:  Heyy
Thanks 4 ur votee
U will always have mine
Btw: Nice Pice
 sweetkoukla_86: well well if it isnt mr sexcy pants
lol hru?? im good good just passin by to tell u thank you soo much for the vote and u kno ull always have mine no matter what CUZ UR 2 HOT FOR THIS SHIIT HAHAH lol
anywhos im out
 pinkcutie17: heyy thx 4 ur vote ur fukin hott u'll always have mine

thnx for the vote
really appreciate it
ull [AlwayzZ] have mine
 RUSSA: thank for vote me
thanks for your vote
it was appreciated <3
 xoxbabii_joxox: Hey tnx for the msg
ur not so bad urself
 xx_Joana_xx: [[Heeey Sweetii ]]
Thxx A Lott For Ur Comment
U Always Got Minee
Nice Pics Btww
ByEbYe FoR nOw!
Muah -xxx-

[xx] J.o.a.n.a. [xx]
thanks for the vote
youre looking good!
 sweetkoukla_86: KK TALK TO U THEN
 mimi11:  hotttttttttt

 sweetkoukla_86: heyyyyy
thanks again for the vote u kno ull always have mine and i just realised i dont think i voted for u just left a msg or maybe i did dunno lol i was in a hurry to leave so i prob forgot anywho im off thanks again
 Ghetto_el5: np for the vootee =]
ur veryy hott
 sweetkoukla_86: wow ur rlly hot anywho just pass by to say that see ya round
 __SexXineEsS__: hey!
thnx alot for the vote
really appreciate it
ull [A.l.w.a.y.z.Z] have mine
 h0spitaLityG1RL: thanks for the vote
taylor ♥
 __SexXineEsS__: heyy !!
thnx for ur vote!!
ull alwayz have mine

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