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Last Online:11/14/2007 (GMT)   



 __SexXineEsS__: heyy
thnx for the votee..Rlly appreciatedd
 RUSSA: heh you welcome
 SexiiMoii: HeYy
thnx so much for yur votee!!
ii rlly appreciate it

,, take care
 sweetkoukla_86: heyyy
thank you soo much for the vote it was highly appreciated u'll always have mine when ur in a contest
soo hoot
 xx_Joana_xx: Heey
Thanks A Lot For The Vote Sweetii
Nice Picss Btwww
Ull Always Have Minee
Muahh -xxx-
[xx] J.o.a.n.a. [xx]
 SexiiMoii: <33

thnXx for da voteee
ii rlly appreciate et`
yu alwayZ got mine

- x0x -

[ ]
 _Priiincipessa_: thnx alot 4 da vote sexaiii
yull always have mine
 sweetkoukla_86: heyy
jus passin by to tell u that ur very hot but u provably already kno soo ya
im out cioaz
thnx for the vote
really appreciate it
ull alwayz have mine

__ccrraazzii moii__
 e_r_i_i_i_i: wheyy wheyyy thank yuuzz soo much for UR vote & of course ull always have MIINE
&& ur rllyy hottt btww woooo too bad u dont live in mtl

ttyl byee byeee
 GrEEk_SeXineSS: heyyy
thanks so much for ur votee
u alwaysss have minee
 BaBiiGuRl1: heyyy
thxx for ur voteee!!!
u can count on always having minee!!!

 trippy_: hey!thanks alot for your vote

hey, thank you so much fr your vote,
you'll always have mine
 Ruby: heii.
thxx 4 ur VoTe. [♥]
You will .A L W A Y S. have mine.

take care.

xo. Rubina
thnx alot 4 ur vote!!
really appreciate it
u can alwayz count on havin mine!!

[]__ccrrazzii moii__[]
 h0spitaLityG1RL: brettlyyy i love you bubb
 h0spitaLityG1RL: yeahh to bad he cant get a girlfriend cause hes such a fat dork <3
 vikkie_dikkie: OUU! u a cutieee

xox vicky

 trippy_: hi, thanks alot for your vote

ouu i like your profile song!
the spill canvas - staplegunned<3
 SexiiMoii: <33

thx for da votee!!
ii rlly appreciate itt
thnx for ur vote!![]
ull alwayz have mine!!

__ccrrazzii moii__
 pumax0xprincess: thanks alot for the vote

You're fkn hot
 Ghetto_el5: Heeyy
thanks soo much 4 ur vo0ote <3

yurr ho0ot

thanx for the vote
you always have mine
nice pics by the way

 meliissa_: hey!
youur really good looking
[ ]
 BaBiiGuRl1: hey!!
thnx alot 4 the vote
i really appreciate it!!!
u can count on alwayz havin mine!!!

 Ruby: hey :]
thanku oh so much 4 yur vote.
yu can A L W A Y S count on My Vote

muCh. L0ve

 SexiiMoii: <33

Thx forr tha votee !!
ii rlly appreciate it x
yuu alwayz got mineee

 pinkcutie17:  wow!! ur rly hott thx 4 ur vote!!
 __SexXineEsS__: hey!!
thnx alot 4 the vote!!
really appreciate it!!
count on alwayz havin mine!!

__ccrrazzii moii__
 bab3sZz: Thanks for the vote

loving your eyes
 __SexXineEsS__: heii! thnx alot 4 the vote count on alwayz havin mine
 djscip: hey thx for the vote
 SexiiMoii: ♥

hEey <33
Thxx forr yurr votee hunn [!]
ii rlly appreciateee itt
Yull alwayz havee minee x

im home like all summerr!
so come to the beach tomorrow or i'll beat you
and then you can tell everyone that a girl kicked your ass
 sxcmimi: haii thx for the vote
 Crack_Whore: Heyy Sexxii
thnx 4 dii vote

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