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ya you




Sicilian Bro

Me, playing my first event


 blessing000: Ciao cari,
Sono Miss Benedizione mi imbatto tuo profilo oggi ( e ho avuto molto interesse su di esso, per favore io come noi a tenere un buon rapporto con un amore vero, quello era il motivo per cui mi sento molto interessato di sapere che, sì vi prego di contattarmi tramite il mio indirizzo personale privato per più introduzione e la mia foto e, in modo che possiamo sapere di più su ogni altro, sarò felice di vedere la posta, ( Caro, l'età o il colore anche a distanza cant negare ogni autentico amore, quindi per favore consente di dare il nostro sé una prova, grazie finché non sentire da voi,
Miss Benedizione
(Blesonegirl (at) yahoo (dot) com)

Hello Dear,
Am Miss Blessing I come across your profile today at ( and i had much interest over it,please i will like us to hold a good relationship with a real love,that was the reason why i feel very much interested to know you,So please contact me personal through my private address for more introduction and my picture as well,So that we can know more about each other,i will be happy to see your mail,( Dear,age or color even distance cant deny any genuine love,so please lets give our self a trial,thanks till i hear from you,
Miss Blessing
(blesonegirl (at) yahoo (dot) com)
 tinkerbell_mimz: hey sweets
thx a lot for ure vote
u can always count on mine babe
i really like ure pics
take care..xoxo..mimo
 xXStainedXx: helloo
thanks for your
voteee got
mine anytime.
 BaBiiGuRl1: heyy
thanks alot for the vote
i rly appreciate it

 AleXxaliCciOusS: Heeyyy sexxiii thnnx for the vootee i really appreciiatedd
 RUSSA:  hey thank for voting
 dangerousBeauty: HeYy tHx 4 tHe MsG CuTtY..

heyy [ ! ]
thnx for the vote
- Thxx For The V0o0ote <3
[ ]
 m1zz_bnana: hey hun thxn for ur votee
ciaoo xox
 Julia_Mathy: thx for voting
hey [ ! ]
thnx for the vote [ ]
 sweetkoukla_86: heii
thanks soo much for the vote much appreciated always got mine
soooo effin HOT!!!
 RUSSA: heyyy cuttte
thanks soo much for the vote always got mine
 xx_Joana_xx: Thankss Alot For Ur Comment
Ull Always Have Minee [[Too]]
Great Piczz Sweetii

 sweetkoukla_86: heyyy thanks soo much for the vote always got mine couldnt have done it without u
can u get any hotter?lol
 cynthia01: Heyy!
Thanks 4 ur votee
U always have minee
Btw : Nicee Pic
thnx for the vote
really appreciate it
ull [AlwayzZ] have mine
thanks for your vote
it was appreciated <3
 xx_Joana_xx: [[Heeey Sweetii ]]
Thxx A Lott For Ur Comment
U Always Got Minee
Nice Pics Btww
ByEbYe FoR nOw!
Muah -xxx-

[xx] J.o.a.n.a. [xx]
thanks alot for your vote,
it was appreciated!
 __SexXineEsS__: hey!
thnx alot for the vote
really appreciate it
ull [A.l.w.a.y.z.Z] have mine
 SexiiMoii: heYY*<33
thnx for yurr votee

,, take care x0x
 sweetkoukla_86: heyyy
thank you soo much for the vote it was highly appreciated u'll always have mine when ur in a contest
soo hoot
 Ghetto_el5: np for the vootee

 _Priiincipessa_: heii thnx alot 4 da vote
 Ruby: thxx4 da vote luvv

 apple_bottom: heey Bello
Thanks so much for your vote!
You'll Always havee mine

Ur Cute

 xx_Joana_xx: Heey
Thanks A Lot For The Vote Sweetii
Nice Picss Btwww
Ull Always Have Minee
Muahh -xxx-
[xx] J.o.a.n.a. [xx]
 SexiiMoii: <33

thnXx for da voteee
ii rlly appreciate et`
yu alwayZ got mine

- x0x -

[ ]
 SexiiMoii: <3

thnX foR dA votE
ii rllY apPreciAte eEt`
CounT oN aLwaYz hAvin mYne

*TakE CarE
 _Priiincipessa_: HEII!
thnx so0o much 4 yur vote ...yull always have mine
 e_r_i_i_i_i: heii heiii
thank yuu so much for ur vote; ull always have mine

luvviiin ur Italia piics
&& ur hot btw

thnx for the vote
really appreciate it
ull alwayz have mine

__ccrraazzii moii__
 m1zz_bnana: holaaaaaaaaaa thanks for ur votee
 _Priiincipessa_: heii hun!
thnx 4 da vote...yull always have mine
 sweetkoukla_86: heyy hun
thanks soo much for ur vote u kno ulls always have mine
npss for da vote uu deserved itt
ur pretty cutee
MEL[ ]

 Ruby: heii.
thxx 4 ur VoTe. [♥]
You will .A L W A Y S. have mine.

take care.

xo. Rubina
 shortay: hey
no problem for the vote
u deserved it

thnx alot 4 ur vote!!
really appreciate it
u can alwayz count on havin mine!!

[]__ccrrazzii moii__[]
 shortay: your hot
 vikkie_dikkie: thxx so much for the votee<3
u a cutiee
xox vicky
 Ruby: thxx 4 the vote [♥]

much love.

 __SexXineEsS__: no prob 4 the vote u deserve it[]
 chick007: heii hun
thank u for your vote
u will always have mine
take care sweety
and np for the vote hottie
 SexiiMoii: <33

thx lol
&& no probz for tha votee
 __SexXineEsS__: thnx alot 4 the vote[]
__ccrrazzii moii__
 pumax0xprincess: thanks alot for the vote
 h0spitaLityG1RL: thanks for your vote ♥
thanx for the vote
you always have mine
nice pics by the way

 Mariposa: np for the vote)
 Mariposa: When the night comes, look at the sky.
If you see a falling star, don’t wonder why,
Just make a wish. Trust me, you pretty guy

 Ruby: hey :]
thanku oh so much 4 yur vote.
yu can A L W A Y S count on My Vote

muCh. L0ve

thnx soo much 4 the vote []
ull alwayz have mine !!

ccrraazii moii
 __SexXineEsS__: hey!!
thnx alot 4 the vote [ ]
really appreciate it!!!
count on alwayz havin mine!!!

__ccrrazzii moii__
 francisca_isa: hiii cuty!
Thank u so much for the vote!!!
U will always have mine!!

 Am0uraXOX: thx a lot for the vote
i really appreciate it
(K) mwahhhh (K)

np 4 the vote bello


hEey [!]
Anytimee forr da votee hun

Heyy u deserve the vote
ur too cute

hEey ♥
ThaNxx forr yurr voteee [!]
ii rlly appreciatee it x
count on alwayzz havin' minee

 Am0uraXOX: hi
thx a lot for the vote i really appreciate it
thanks for the vote♥

_u'll always get mine

x jessica
ur a cutie.
 Am0uraXOX: hi
thx a lot for the vote..i really appreciate it
xox AMANDA xox
hehe cute pictures
i can see u like ur country a lot thats good !
 SexiiMoii: hEey Bello0 [!]
SpAnXx furr yurr votee <33
yull alwayzz havee minee ♥

 ItaliaNumero1: heii thanks for the vote u'll
have minez any time
your reall good looking ... wowow
woot woot wowo woot woot


 sxcmimi: Haii anthony
hru lmao hows the game lmao after beating u 13 x and u beating me 6 x lmaoo so fun playing wit u lmao tlk to you on msn byee
 Ghetto_el5: heey Beelloo
np 4 the vo0otee
youu deservveedd

urr rlli ho0ot

 Cerca_De_ti:  No problem for the vote!
U deserved it
Loving your pix ,ur a hottest

 Ruby: ITALIA!! beh yahh bro lol well. np 4 the vote ur such a cutie well. I'll talk 2 u on msn mkayy?

byebye luv<33

 lovablegirl: ur hoott
 vanessouki: np 4 the vote
 chick007: hei sweety
thx for your vote & msg
your soo freakin sweet
take care
ttyl sweety
 shortay: hey
no p for the vote
ur hot
 Ghetto_el5: np for the vo0ote
ur a ho0otiie
 M1ss_s1xty: np sweety
 Ruby: thxx 4 the vote
ur hott ur hott ur hott ur hott ur hott ur hott ur hott ur hott

 chick007: hei sweety
thx for your vote
u will always have mine
you could count on it
take care
 Ruby: thankyou bunches for your vote

bye bye luv

 Babi_10: thanks for your vote

 djscip: heyyy thxx for ue votee!!!
 carolina316: Heyy...Thanks for your vote
You'll always have mine!!!
* CarolinA *
 xXStainedXx: Heiii
Just wannna let you know ur faking
hot hehe well anywais imma go0o now
ciao ciao x0x0x0x0x0x


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