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us again:)..newestpic


new ppic

cause im a hustla babay;)

new hair..again..


 e_r_i_i_i_i: heehee i love ur italia shirt && u guys r sooo cute 2gther
thank yuuz soo much for ur vote && of course ull always have miinee

 francisca_isa: heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!

thank u so much for the vote!!

u will always have mine !!!


 vanessouki: ALIIIIIII ahahaha i finally got vip thx 4 the vote hun i really appreciate it! haha ur 2 cute james really picked a star he couldn't have done better ur an absolutely amazing girl and i'm so glad u've become part of THE FAMILY lolol. ahhh we have 2 all chill this summer and get DRUNK SQUARED AGAIN hehe only me- ONLY ME! we'll re-create my bday it'll be hot. kk take care ttyl ciaoooooo.

 Ruby: thankyou bunches for your vote

bye bye luv

 cynthia01: heyy thanks 4 ur vote
thankies for your vote
you'll always have mine.
x's & o's

 Ghetto_el5: heeyyy belllaaa
Thanks 4 tha vo0ote
Rlli appreciated it
btww ur rlli pretii

Aniiwaizz Peace Outt A Town Down

-Eleennaa- ii.Love.Usher
 xXStainedXx: Hei sweety thanks alot for ur vote youll always have mine ciao ur really pretty btw

- Dalia
 b1tch: thanks a lot for uur votee
 pumax0xprincess: thanks for the vote -xo
 bellaitalia: heii thanx so much for ur vote. i really appreciate it
 armenian_babii: u and ur boyfriend are really cute

 PorTu_bEbE: ~*~Hey hunn~*~
just wanted to say thanks a lot for voting for me!! I really appreciated it you got mine whenever your in a contest

~* *~ KaRii ~* *~

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