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Name:Katya N P  Email:Members Only
Sex:Female  AIM:Members Only
Age:27  MSN:Members Only
Ethnicity: Armenian  Yahoo:Members Only
Location:Canada  ICQ:Members Only
Last Online:3/23/2007 (GMT)   

Image hosting by Photobucket katya Image hosting by Photobucket
is armenian
is fifteen
has green eyes
& brown hair
goes to st-maxime
lives in chomedey
is five feet 2 inches
is widowed
is born on may twenty-four

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ME & BEAVER !! =]

me :



thnx for the vote [ ! ]

[ ]Helene [ ]
 sweetkoukla_86:  heii katya
wats up me nm nm u dont go to our skool nemore how come u dont love us anymorehmmm lol jokes as long ass yu happy btw thanks for the vote its a lil late but better late then never haha lol
p.s i broke ur comment virginity haha lol

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