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Name:Bryan Ferland  Email:Members Only
Sex:Male  AIM:Members Only
Age:30  MSN:Members Only
Ethnicity: Italian  Yahoo:Members Only
Location:Canada  ICQ:Members Only
Last Online:11/18/2006 (GMT)   

WuT ThEy CaLl Me: Bryan Ferland
YeArS Of ExIsTaNcE: 17
ThE DaY HeLl SpRuNg LoOsE: August 8th
HoW TaLl ThEy SeE Me: 5´7"
ThE EyEs I LoOk ThRoUgH: Hazel
My PrIsOn Of EdUcAtIoN: Dawson College
My SeCrEt BaSe : Montreal, Quebec
StAtUs: Single

Hell0 my pe0pl3!

The name´s Bryan, I´m 17 yrs old and I just go outta High School... ;) I love playin´ hockey & soccer... best of all chillin with my peeps!

+ THE LUV 4 BEER!! +

PrOpZ 2 Mah Buds:
Matt, Mike, Jano, Lisa, Lina, Lincoln, Tommy & all you others from W.H.S... (Miss some of u peeps)
and all you new buds from Dawson... PrOpZ. It´s been great so far guys... hope to keep it up ;)

If any of u peeps wanna add me 2 MSN, my e-mail´s

ciao ;)


Dude, is that my car?


Me (left), Amanda & Jordan

with the shades

webcam muscle pic

beautiful day by the aqueduc


 L0st_0ne: Hey
Thanks a lot for your vote
It was really appreciated. <3
 aries_babii: heyy
thanx soo much for ur vote!
u always got minee
Thanks so much for your vote
it was really appreciated <3

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