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JohnKaz1 on AIM. I have decided to make a list of things I find funny about people on this site (Ill try not to offend too many people :o)

7) Check back soon to read more!

6) Non-Armenian people that create a profile on this site I mean, not that there is anything wrong with that, but I thought the idea here was for an Armenian to meet an Armenian, no?

5) About her match: no baggage no liars or guys that live in the 1900s lol -1900s in response to this, I agree, guys should dorm when they go to college... this cuts down the Mamas Boy Syndrome by 99%.

4) Girls that write something along the lines of: unlike most Armenian girls Im not stuck-up and the ones that dont say this are??

3) I some girl wrote they want a guy to rescue me whoa, parents holding on too tight? Guys really like that

2) Girls that post up pictures of themselves in a group of friends but fail to mention which one is them!

1) Girls that post up pictures of themselves with babies! Could you be anymore obvious you need a husband?

DISCLAIMER: This is all in good fun, I am really nice guy, so please take a joke, its good for the mind body and soul.



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