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Cursor by 2 mah girliez!! i luv u wit all my heart.... nuthing aint gunna stop my luvin lol :P Terri, Cat, Vanessa, Feli, Tara, Ally, Maria, Patty, Kiki, Lina, Dimitra, Cassandra, Mel, Veronica, Yolanda, Nina, Fran, Angela, Jamie, Daniella, Josie...... u guys rock my world!!! without u guys, i dont think i would b the kind of TaNyA i am hehe!!!(K)MuAhhHh!! 2 the otherz!!! Mario, James, Brian, Dario, Costa, Francesco, Vince, Steve, Garry, Robby, Zach, Presley(My Hommie LoL), etc.... HOLY FRAPAKONIII i cant think rite now.... im sho sho shorry 2 dah ones i 4got, but dont 4get, just because i didnt mention u, dosent mean that i dont luv u just as much as i luv these cacafaces rite hurrr!!! lolz!!! Je T´aime Beaucouppp mes amiesss!!!! >*Baby thats what yu make me do :)* I LOve You Jay. Today, Tomorrow, And For The Rest Of My Life.