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Name:Giorgio Andreou  Email:Members Only
Sex:Male  AIM:Members Only
Age:36  MSN:Members Only
Ethnicity: Greek  Yahoo:Members Only
Location:California, US  ICQ:Members Only
Last Online:8/23/2010 (GMT)   

I just came to Los Angeles after doin the army and im studyin at CSUN..i just wanna meet Greeks over here;) add me on msn at

me with my tongue hangin out

sippin champagne at the bar

black eye= sunglasses



 Psyfreak: Hey Dude !! thanks for ur vote !! hahaha am kinda shocked now ! hehe anyway cheers dude,if u need anythin just tell me
thnx for ur vote!![]
ull alwayz have mine!!

__ccrrazzii moii__
 Am0uraXOX: thx for the vote
 sxcmimi: thx for the vote
 trippy_: Hey, thanks for the vote
 _Am0r3_: hey hun
thnks s0 much 4 da v0t3
i rLLy appreciat3 it!
y0u'LL have mine netime!!

 xXxstrippedxXx:  No problem for the vote!! Your super sexy! Love the pix!!! And wow you live in California too! We should talk sometime!!
 Greeko_Tom: np bro
 Greeko_Tom: eyy bro tsap? thnx for ur vote really appreciated it
 SeXy_StEpHy: hey sweety,thx so much for the vote, i really appreciate it, u got mine anytime.take careeeeeee ciaoooo
 xKristina77x: Thank you for voting for me :-)
Happy Valentine's Day!
 Cerca_De_ti: N P & Thank U! I like ur pix!!!
 amanda_xox: No problema 4 di vote bello
ur 2 hott
 bananita: fun pics
 Miss_Desman: hey hunnnnniii ... thx a lot for all ur votessss ... u can always count on mineee ur 2 sexciiii muahhh
 soccer_fanatic: hey cutie thanks for the vote!

thnx so much 4 yur
vote yull alwayz have mine


 AmouraXOX: heyyyy omg thx a lot for the vote
btw u got nice pics
yalla take care bye bye

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