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About babi_kris Login status User not online Name kris Age 19 Gender Female Sexuality Straight Status not specified Ethnic origin White / Caucasian Star sign Sagittarius I am from ask, UNITED KINGDOM What babi_kris says about her body Hair colour Light Brown Eye colour Brown Height 5´8" / 1.73m Body Slim Facial Hair none Body Hair naturally smooth Getting in contact with babi_kris MSN Messenger ask......dnt want random ppl adding me More about babi_kris Occupation status I work. Children No Smoking No Alcohol Social drinker Drugs I don´t like drugs More about babi_kris Looking for Anyone For Anything Some of the things babi_kris likes Food Chinese, Pizza. Music Pop, R & B, Soul. TV Shows Music, Reality TV, Sitcoms. eastenders Movies Action, Animation, Comedy, Horror, Music, Romance. 8 mile, xxx, pirates of the carribean Clubs the works, snobs Animal butterflies Role Model mariah carey Place new york Possession CDs/DVDs/Videos, Clothes, Mobile Phone. Hobbies and interests babi_kris has Activities Fashion, Internet, Shopping. Entertainment Dancing, Live music/Music, Movies/Film, Nightclubs/Partie. Scene Clubbing, Live Music, Parties, Pubs, Hanging out with friends.

nothing like smiling in life


why looking at me?


i feel upset


old hair color


mm what to do?

ou la laaaaa i love u baby;)

new pic going out

what ur looking for;)


 edward71: you are the queen of the world
 __Romy__:  I think im in love
 La_The_One: so what can i do to hear back from you?

 italiansexystud: sup sexxyy
 Seklaoui_MaFiA: heyy yourr veryy cuteeeee
 italiansexystud: fkn sexxyyy
 PleasrblCruelty: Hello there Young lady. How are you tonight.
Since we have not talked before.
Howabout a littel humor.

A cop pulls a guy over for speeding and asks to see his driver's license.
The guys says (I don't have one. It got suspended when I got my DUI).
The cop says,let me see your registration.
The guy says.(It's not my car I stole it.But come to think of it,I think I saw the registration in the glove compartment when I was putting my Gun in there. That's where I put it after I shot and killed the woman who owns this car.Then I stuffed her in the trunk.
The cop immediately calls his captain. The car is quickly surrounded by the police,and the captain approaches the driver to get handel on the situation.
The captain says,(May I see your license)?
The guy says sure
The captain says Whose car is this?
The guy says (its mine,officer,here is the registration)
THe captain says,could you slowly open your glove compartment so I can see if there is gun in it?
The guy says (Yes sir but there is no gun in it.
The captain says. would you open your trunk?I was told that there is a body in it.
The guy says No Problem, opens the trunk and there is nobody.
The captain says I don't understand.The officer who stopped you said you told him you did not have a license,had stolen the car,had gun in the glove compartment,and that there was dead body in the trunk.
The guy says. OH YAH? I'll bet that creep told you I was speeding too.
 SaQo: ur such a yummmy one
 thugznation:  Damn gurl ur finee!!!
 p3m0: damnnnnnnnnnnn your fucking way you aint a model
 _steph_: heyheyy .. thnx alot for ur vooooote
 Dj_Sixx: thanx for the vote gorgeous... add me to msn

 lara_armenia: heyy
just wanted to say thanks for ur vote!

- LaRa -

by the way ur gorgeous
 italiasthug69: WOooooooooooow UR Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo HOoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!  !!!!!!!!!!111 Add me if u want~

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