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~ToUt NoIr~


Beba Luv Moraki (BF4L)

Miss Munchkin


 italiandude: hey bella!!! thanx for ur vote i really appriciate it ull always get mine. ciao bella!!!!
 italiano13: thx for the vote the glasses
 italia_bro: hey sxc
thx for ur vote
ur frkn hot
if u need a vote u will always hav mine

 italiansexystud: Hey missy!! this is Velia but im on my friend's account
i just wanna tell u UR FREAKIN GORGEOUS!! u have my vote anytime bella!
anyways im gonna let u go ciaooo
P.S my wl account is Velia
 italiansexystud: somebody hotss
hey bellaa
thx alot 4 the vote
ull alwayz have myne
by the way urr sooooo

Take Care---[[]]

bb mariia
 GreekSoul: ur very cute thanx for ur vote muah
 _Sexy_Mich_: heyy
thx 4 ur vote yesterday
ull alwayz have mine

anywho** luv ya

Mich*_ ur rly pretti
hey wuts up
thanx a lot for ur vote
it was very appreciated
u kinda look familiar lol
but i dont know
anyways thanks again

 italianchik88: Hey bella,
wow ur so pretty hehe anywhos jus passed by to say heyy lol talk to u sooon
ciao ciao
 jorjor: hey tnx for the vote
add me if u wanna talk
heyy bellaaa
thanx so0o much for ur vote
i reelii appreciiated it
>> f3lii <<
 cosmic_hazexx: heyy hunn!
thxx alot 4 the vote!!
ur like totally pretty
ciao ciao

-- aimee --
 diesel_babii: Heyy
Thx so much 4 da vote
ull always have mine
ur 222 pretty
 GreekSoul: hey ur sexy thanx for the vote
 GrEeKsTaA: hey hey.. thanx for the vote sweety take care
 _SeXyCaPiTaInA_: Heyy
Thnx so much 4 ur votee
U got mine anytimee!!!

-dimi (ur so preeetyy:whip
 xKristina77x: hey babe
thanks for voting for me, u defiantly get my vote
kristina x

 Isik_Mayer: hey sexy, just wanna say thx 4 da vote and u got mine anytime add me if u want

 italian_racer: thx for the vote sexy. miss talking to u sexy hope to see u soon. kk ciaoz
heyy bella
thnxs for the vote
i appreciate it so muchh hun!~
btw your so pretty..
w0w0w hehe
anywys bella
rb ciao

 miss_jew:  agapi mou u r one fucked up person but i love u u sexy gurl i cant wait itll the 31st omg..neways bebe u will findsomeone i promise u u will within time an du no wat u wont like him but u no wat i was thinking thta try n fix things with him as friends like it wont hurt u can be friends u no wat i mean hehe.. theirs nothing wrong with that koukla mou..if he dont wat fuck u dont need him and dont say u got gan carlo n them just cuz u want someone bebe go for someone u want and dont ever give up never ever aite koukla wow were so gunna do that u no wat i mean hehe and ur guna be like this haha omgadss..and no i dont want us to drift apart i no we wont im just makign sure cuz ur stuck to me like glue ill glue u to me haha.. wow im soo hyper omgads lol..i rly hope anthony got the job will c tho hehe..bebe ur so amazn wow im so happy to have u as a friend omg ur the bestt..u got that g lmao..u no whos rly nice that i think woudlnt hurt u or use u ur friend mike the one hwo had like du b4 hes rly nice think about it just my opinion lol..neways koukla je flex wb xoxo and remember that i love u very very much xoxo
love always ur moraki
Missys fkn hot
Missys fkn hot
Missys fkn hot
Missys fkn hot
Missys fkn hot
Missys fkn hot
Missys fkn hot

ti kanies my beba is sick today get better hunnie mou..want me to bring u soup hehe..neways i lav u sooo much dome sat i hope hehe well if nto next time no worries..remember the secret i told u is between me n u but i was soo fuked that nite like fried wow but it felt good hehe we so gotta do it one day me n u and who ever hehe but remmeber shh hehe will eb dancing like this hehe i lav u bro ur the fkn best lvoe is for losers guy suck they rly rly suck did anthony get the job..i hope so hehe..neways beba mou im always here for u hit me back lol..haha.. and get better

 PortugalSTAR: Hey Cutie!
Thank you for your vote!
Your Pretty hot! add me if u want!
 SlasH2005: hey missy! lol.. i wasnt sure if it was you.. that's why i didnt said hi... and we dont know each other so maybe u would of had a prob with that.. but anyway! add me on msn if u wanna talk or hit me back:o)

J e S u S*
 miss_jew: hi beba mou ti im gud i been studying like a gud lil gurl lol..hehe..neways i rly hope we go to dome hehe..and i no u promised my cuz but its oki its not like ur telling me to do it i wanan do it myself its gud u feel gud when u do it..neways beba mou hwos anthony???..i rly hope he gets the job like wow..and in 2 weeks ur getting ur license omgads bro party time lol haha neway si love u very very very much xoxoxo
 SlasH2005: btw the song on ur page i love it
joee- angel right? its old skool good beat
 SlasH2005: heyyy misss jew!!!!!!!!
i saw u tonight lool!
u were at guzzo im sure its u
if its u.. damn ur pretty lol
hit me back and tell me if u were at guzzo tonight
bye bella
 miss_jew: baby mouuuuuu ti kanies? im gud omg i so hope we go to dome sat and i hope he gets the job omg omg omg its gunna be funnnnn hehe..i lov eu bro i cant fkn wait itll u get ur car its guna be the shit agapi mou..hehe study hard for the exams eh hehe..dont forget i love u call me if u wanan do something tomorrow(sat) okie bella mou wb xoxoxo love u lotsssss
love always and for ever and ever: ur MOraki xoxo
Hey bella
Just wanted to say..
No problem for the vote
u also always got mine
Ur also really pretty
well take car
NaTaLiE - -
 miss_jew: STOP ITS THE MOTHERFUKIN JEWCREW!! lol How are you my luv how is everything good i hope!anyones ass i have to kick for u? i hope not lol DUUUDE!! this gay ass site doesnt have a jewish section!! racist bastards lol they can kiss my anywaysss!! i cant wait till our b-days!! its gonna be hype!! lol u know what im talkin bout baby!! LOL!! damn fuking straight! missy when are we gonna make our t-shirts?? lol soon hopefully!! lol i love u so much girl u have no idea!!! i hope we stay friends for ever!!!anyways im out !( the jew has left the building)! lol I LOVE YOU!! BUY!!
 miss_jew: beba mou sagapw man yahh ur greek is getitng better hehe.. soon ull no it all eh arhidi mou lmao that was so fkn funny and with nicks bro leo omg lmfao..memz eh but gud ones neways i cant fkn wait till u get ur car omg thats guna be so fkn hot u fell today thats something i should of done ahah lol..i hate guys wow their so fkn confusing wats going on with u n wats his name george??..yah lol..neways we so gotta go to dome i hope and hope and hope he gets da job omgggg wow so exciting..then we wont get sick of dome after all fuck yah this summers guna be the fkn best man were guna be legal n everything i cant wait till rpom u too cuz ur gunna be celebrated ur bday wow..bro were getting old too least ull grow grey hair b4 me cuz ur older hehe lol..neways 4 months bebe 4 fkn months and were neva guna c them again fuckk ya then its all gunna be gud argg they make me lol.. r u going to the movies tomorrow??..and wat u doing sat neways beba mou im out oc tonite yeahhhhh wow hehe cant wait neways g2g byeeeee i fkn love u lots lots bye agapi mou filakia
 Johnny_Primo: Supppp, thanx 4 Da Vote sexy..appreciate that
u'll have mine

 miss_jew: bebe i love uuuuuuuuuu moro mou.. ur the best..i dont no wat id do without u theirs no one fkn like u i never wanna lose u even if we graduate i hope we still talk and this summer we spend alot of time together im sure we will imma be 18 too hehe and were guna have fun promise agapi mou..hehe..ur the bestest friend ever ur one special gurl i cant c my life without u ur full of fun n everything im always here for u and i never want wat happened 2 weeks ago to happen again to us okie hun?? so happy u won hehe we won cuz were hot lmao..jk jk ur fkn hot and i no ur sad but i promis eu one day i will find someone okie sweetie JE PROMISE no worries bebe..and when u do find mr rite hell treat u like a princess will be lonely together bro we have to go to dome one nite omgggggg will and anthony woww..and we have to piss someone off haha..ehh maybe kosta will be their too hehe did u have fun at mythos i did we should go again i mite go this weekend i told maria and pamela to come too so will c u wanna come??..i wanna go out cuz next week im working u no..exams next week gotta study har dim nervous neways bebe now u msg me back lol love u lots dont forget hehe these lil guys r so funny lol imma kick ur ass lol
 _SeXyCaPiTaInA_: Hey hun

thnx so much 4 ur vote ur a star u ur super gorgeous

 p3m0: happy new year miss jew lol vote for me man what's wrong with you voting for this kid!!!!cougar lmao
 HadJi: heyy merissa sup sweety thanks alot for voting aiite see u later take care
 lebprince24: 10x for ur vote

hehe ur a cutie
 shaun_bonjovi:  i'v seen alot of pretty jewish girls.. but your beyond pretty
 criiiiii_x0x: heeey bella
thanks soooo much for the vote
it meant alottt
u always have my vote
love always,
Cristinaaaaaa -x0x-
ps - woowwww ur so fucking prettyyy
 Koukoubella: P.S. WHOZ SEXY WILLIE?
 Koukoubella: MARISSA MY JEWWW
hehe hruu?
me n2bb n2bb i juss won vip on wl and figuered
hehe so how u been?
for sum reasons im seein picutres of ur brother mike all over wl
loool gamiseta bro MIKE IF U READ THIS
lool anywayz mariss whats new I HARDLY C U AT SCHOOL NOW iunno y..we needa go 2 chez zaza and hang out 4 a lill...lool
(even if my brother and u broke up STYLL SISTER IN LAWZ 4 EVER)
lmaoo anywayz mariss c u at school!
ciaowz - - - [*]
 ItalianEuroStar: hey bella thanks for the vote

 italian_racer: hey bella. ur pretty hot.. u look really cute. add me if u wanna chat
 italian_racer: hey bella thx for the vote
 lara_armenia: Hey there
thanks a lot for your vote
your very pretty
~ LaRa ~
 portugino: hey there
thnx alot for the vote
 BeL:  HEYY!!
-thnx for the vote!!
newayz ciao0o
 ital_mandy69:  HEY BABE

 ital_mandy69: DUUUUUDDDDDDEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!  !

 ital_mandy69: hey baby!!!! i loveeeee uuuuuu thx for the voting for me!!!

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