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Name:Tina Bella  Email:Members Only
Sex:Female  AIM:Members Only
Age:30  MSN:Members Only
Ethnicity: Italian  Yahoo:Members Only
Location:Canada  ICQ:Members Only
Last Online:4/18/2004 (GMT)   

i have hazle eyes... i have dark brown/black hair.with blond under... im medza combobassan medza napolitan italia per la vita-----------*Fяzα ЇтάŁī*

Sorry, 07_Bijoux_07 has no pictures. Check back soon!


 sexii_dave: Heyyy thx for ur vote
 yogi_bear86: hii tinouchhhhhhheeeeee!! im bored lol il tty on msn
 ZaUr: What did i tell about the contest ? that's what i'm talking about ... anyway your welcome .
 ETERNITY: Anytime, Tina
 shorty_thug: thx 4 da vote ciao bella
 babyphatcaro: hhhi np.. thxXxX for ur votee to
 lucious_leb18: hey thanx for the vote
 zabraneno: You welcome and by the way your really a cutie MWUAH MWUAH
 yogi_bear86: tinoouchee monn amourrrrr jtadore bb muuah
 italianchik88: No Problem Bij Ur so gorgeous hehe n e ways ciao bellina Muah , Talk to u soon, I love u 2 hehe, ciao ciao
 yogi_bear86: tinnnaaaa thx for the votee je taimmeee
 ali: nothinggg good still friend with ally?
 ali: lolllll
 ali: loool im always there?shutup u saww me only once there but its true long timee no talking and seeing.. what u miss me? lol
 ali: lol hiiii tinaaa
 07_Bijoux_07: Testingggg

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