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Name:BIlal  El-Wakil  Email:Members Only
Sex:Male  AIM:Members Only
Age:31  MSN:Members Only
Ethnicity: Russian  Yahoo:Members Only
Location:Ukraine  ICQ:Members Only
Last Online:3/9/2007 (GMT)   

I´m a lovely person, cute in his own way:) im half ukrainian-half lebanese...Real friendship means alot 2 me..I´m Active, attractive(of course not like those shitty actors in hollywood)..Anyways who said dat they r better dan me?! sometimes when im gettin MaD, i just go to my kungfu gym & beat up all those guys...When suddenly, by chance, my coach enters...and then...wat then?!..then i get my ass kicked real bad!!..I go to ma home, thinking: I need other less dangerous & painfull method for loosing my tension. I comeback to ma home so tired dat i fall asleep in da shower:D..I love life.And always try not to lose da sparckle in my life dat makes me happy all da not gonna lose any second of ma life,believe me! And i wanna..(im not gna say wat i me and u´ll know!!):D wanna join life lovers? HEheehehehehe Ok!! Being´s better if my chaps will describe me...coz they ma soul looks like...Ask my real FRiendS. Current Favorite Artists / Bands TranCe,TechnO,Alternative,Rock,HardRock,GothiC:Staind,Papa Roach,DefaulT, DisturbeD, BreakingBenjamin, GreenDay, Slipknot,ColD,Seether,Stratovarius,The Killers,Nickelback,Cranberrieas,System of a DOwn, KorN, Crossfade, metallica, tool, apocaliptica ,Muse...hate MarylinManson&Cradle of Filth. Languages English, Arabic, French, Russian




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