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Go get Real Player and then come vist my page!




dve deloviye kalbaski



"LOS" is on sale

Ya na Solnishke Lezhu



 Artur777: POZDRAVLYAYUUUU !!!!!!!! lol Kak ya pochuvstvoval aaa... look at my last message CONGRATULATIONS!!! Schastia, Zdorovia, Liubvi i mnogo mnogo malenkix lialek
 Artur777: Privet Evchik, ehhh ne govori korats molorvats... Zhena, deti, vnuki, gastroli Kak ti? Mne navernoe nado k tebe na priem zapisatsia, tak bistree u vidimsia haha. What's new with you? Nu che tam, podruga kogda zamuzh vixodit?
Ladno, telefon ne vikliuchay, I'll call you today. Ciao

Che, hima qo hertna

 Artur777: ni puxa
 Artur777: lol ne nado plakat arten erge txur chi, ari lsi. Kstati tebe tozhe davno pora update delat na saite. Net ne v Queens of Connecticut, a v Queens of 2-rd masisvi mot
Zangek mangek mek mek
 Artur777: oki shas napishu, ya dumal budu v vashix krayax i zaedu zaberu, no skoree vsego ne na etoi nedele
 Artur777: spasibo it's time yours to be updated too. When will you give me "My big fat armenian wedding" I have to watch it hehe
 Artur777: Privet Evchik,
I got the message about the party, you already know that I didn't go, I prefered russian banya to the party of course lol so kak dela?
 Agostino: so, you are saying that you are crazy for me, eh . be careful, lol.
 Agostino: really? now let me ask you something: why are you trying to get my attention ?
 Agostino: Es inch ultra rabiz erg es drel
 Artur777: Thanks for the CDs I still have one of yours Yeah Stella is organazing the concert. I'm not sure how much the tickets are, but dont worry about them. Mi smozhem na zabor podniatsia i ottuda smotret
 Artur777: Privet Evchik, kak dela?
Keep the Cds in a veery safe place
What are your plans for Febraury 12th? Ashot Ghazaryan is coming and there will be some armenian music party after that. Did Stella get to call you?

 Artur777: spasibo dorogaya
 Artur777: Oo molodets uzhe skoro, a ya zavtra edu moix vstrechat By the way I just passed my last exam 3 minutes ago, I'm dooooneeee after looong 2 years. mozhete pozdravit menia MBA
 Artur777: vochinch, lavem but could be better Du vontses? When are you going to Armenia?
 Artur777: mikich makrelem, te che shat kextoter
 Agostino: Es tsanot bzhishk unem, ink@ vitamin Smile kara kez ta

 Agostino: Vay cheghav. Kes erevi vitamin Social e petk @ndunel.
 Agostino: Amazonka jan, es ur es korel?

 Nafanya: Read?! Of course not ! See, mentally challenged me only draws unknown signs on her window and combs her hair once in 5 weeks...P.S. The pic was taken during a picknick in Hulsbeek, Oldenzaal. I'll let you do some googling now Let me know if you found the place.
 Agostino: Amazonka jan, gratsners khndrum em ushadir kardas. I did not say, that I know you live in US. I asked, if you have lived in US.

Ete anglereni daser en petk, asa, tsanot mard unem, vor@ shat lav dasavandum e .

Urish vonts es?

 Agostino: Vay Amazonka jan, kneres, es shat cryptic em khosum:

AMN = Amerikayi Miatsyan Nahangner,
FSA and Muskie - never mind, karevor baner chen.

 Agostino: mi hat hishoghutyuns tarmatsru. 171@ posi dprotsn er?

isk harevan linelu kapaktsutyamb, vortegh eink harevanner? es dprots gnalu tarinerin arakbir taghamasum em aprum.

mi ban el. kez amazonka anun@ &isht e shat e sazum, bayts ari tsanotanank, gone imanam kez inchpes kochem . de, im anun@ Vahe e, es WorldLounge-i koghmerum indz Agostino en asum (not to be confused with Buratino, lol, chnayats im haykakan kitn el shat erkar e .

lsi, du AMN ekel es hech ed FSA, Muskie, kam nman tsragrerov?
 Artur777: temnota drug molodezhi
 Artur777: de nada
 Agostino: Iya, ba es 300 tari ur es korel, hech dzen tses hanum, kur jan. Che, lurj? Demkd tsanot e erevum. Karogh e 114 es gnatsel? 77 tiv es?
 Artur777: Ooops... did I say that?

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