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Life is a it, Life is a gift...accept it, Life is an adventure...dare it, Life is a sorrow...overcome it, Life is a tragedy...face it, Life is a duty...perform it, Life is a it, Life is a mystery...unfold it, Life is a song...sing it, Life is an opportunity...take it, Life is a promise...fulfill it, Life is a beauty...praise it, Life is a struggle...fight it, Life is a goal...achieve it, Life is a puzzle...solve it!

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 PleasrblCruelty: Hello
Life is challange, but a bit cruel as well.
 XxMusicManxX: come and see me live this saturday @ club hypnotic located @ 617 s brand blvd in glendale spinning the best from miami in (house trance) (hiphop by dj kris k)doors open at 9pm
 weezelrob: actually both.... its hard to just go somewhere that is practicly empty for you.. when it comes to work and family of course.... maybe when i finish acting school
 weezelrob: well new jersey is alright..
and yes ive been to california, but not since arnold became governor.... im considering moving there.. well ive been saying that for the past 3 years... so dont take my word for it.. i plan on visiting very soon.. i miss it out there.. i like cali alot..
 Artur777: whats your name?

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