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mi name is mariana im half lebanese half brazilian. Mi favorite place in the world would have to be brazil and i think its the best place to go PARTI. I love to travel and tri new things. I love to have a good time and to laugh. I love to laugh! I realli enjoi meeting new people especialli lebanese people since im not around them to much. So if ur lebanese and would like to chat leave me ur email adress so i can add you. Bi the wai the email adress i got up top is mi old addi so its useless now. well if u want to know more about me just ask, as long as i get to ask quesitons too! hhaha.



aT a FrIeNdS hOuSe

*gUeSs WhO*

` mE & mI mOm ` *b*r*a*z*i*l*



 majeda_elkdari: heyyyyyyyyyy not sure which one of you sexy gals is using this account but im guessing its you maria since mariana is poor thing. YOu should come to calgary and we hook up like old times. It been a while since we've hung out like that. You should take some time off and come for a week or two. Hows ur boo doing?? You guys are real cute together...haha anyways ill talk to u on msn you geek. ciao
 witevanila69: hey sweety!
thank you so much for da vote
u will always have mine

 crxjack: heyy, just wanted to say how are u?? if u like u could add me at
 DAEWOO125: Hiiii Honey, how are you honey, I misss you honey..... Nice pics, but i can't see your pretty face. I got new pics too. check them out.
 Untamed: Nice pictures,,

by the way add me to your msn if you have...
 francky: HI LEBANESE GIRLL....
 ginabambolina69: hey bella thx so much 4 da vote!
 aseropi: Hey! You are terrrific!
Where in Canada you live?
 mostwanted69: hey i just drop by to say thx a lor for ur vote
 sexii_dave: Heyyy thx for ur vote
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 Bliznec: Where are you baby ??
 BeL:  Hey thnx for your vote!
 Bliznec: I dunno if ure going to win the Hottest gurl contest (but hopefully u will) I just want to tell you're DA BOMB LOL, I bored !! Bye bye
 Bliznec: Can not wait to see when you come to Montreal !! Luv Ya baby !!
 BellA_ArAbicA: Hey thanks for your vote
 AmouraXOX: hi i just wanna tell u thx a lot 4 the vote, ur pic is cool!

 BebePhat: hey girly! thx for the vote!
 AmouraXOX: hi wow i can tell u look like POCAHANTES ! LOL just jukin u have nice pics and by the way thanks a lot for ur vote !
 Bliznec: Thanks for voting baby !!
 Bliznec: Hey sexie ! If you you're interested to chat with Russian bad boi from MTL so feel free to add me:
 superman911: hey sexy....just wanna say hi and thats it..
 Strange_Love: OMG, you too play soccer, I had a full scholarship in college to play soccer.. I was an all American and I almost went bro but I chose to get my MBA and start modeling instead..SO you like the beach, hmmm... I love to lay out and feel the sun and that's why I moved from New York to LA.. I love the warm climate.. You can do so much more if the whether is nice...You can chose to make your message to me private if you would like.. What kind of music do you like to dance to??.. I like everything.. especially Trance, Hip hop and Arabic ofcourse... I am 29 but they say that I look younger...what do you do now??..I think it is cool that you live by beach.. yallah now it is your turn, tell mme more about you..
 Strange_Love: Nice to meet you Mariana, I am not Lebanese, but I am Arabic.. I was there last summer too and Xmass.. I go to Beirut 3 times a year.. I am going there on Wed..What is your other mix??. How tall are you??.. BTW, you have such a beauiful smile ...What sign are you??..
 Strange_Love: My name is Adel..What is yours??.. Do you ever go back and visit Lebanon and what part of lebanon are you from?..
 Strange_Love: Marhaba Habibti... Keifek??.. What are you up to these days Beautiful...
 superman911: hey sexy..just writing to say hi....
 ZaUr: i think you are cute too
 ArabDREAM: thnx for ur vote too

 DAEWOO125: Hi honey!!! how are you honey? I miss you Honey!!!! when am i gonna get to do this?
 leb_hottie: npppppppppp
 Strange_Love: You are such a cuttie..
 AmouraXOX: hey baby thx 4 ur vote
 mostwanted69: hey thx 4 for the vote ur a sweety

 chris_1_on_one: hi very cute pic
 lebroy: heyy
 RANMAN: add me
 Dj_Sixx: Hey... what's happenin cutie?!
hit me up sometime at on msn!

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