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Well i like to play sports, i love going 4 walks. ilove to go watch movies and every thing. listen to music. i love to go watch the sunsets sometimes like when i went to cuba horseback riding on the beach over the sunset what an amazing site to see. i love being outdoors. i love to write poems and cook!! its not bout the looks that count in life it whats insinde that counts more. i have msn so add me if u like LAROUCHEPAUL@HOTMAIL.COM

just me again


 PorTu_bEbE: ~*~Hey hunn~*~
just wanted to say thanks a lot for voting for me!!
I really appreciated it you got mine whenever your in a contest

~* *~ KaRii ~* *~
 tinkerbella10: no prrb for the vote...yu deserved it

 _SaBz_: Hi Thank you for your vote!
 dj_euro_69: Hey amore its kiaa
howa re you me good good well thx for last night lmaoo the part ur so pretty lol im not oki im ugly cioa ciao xoxox

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