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Name:petro karelis  Email:Members Only
Sex:Male  AIM:Members Only
Age:31  MSN:Members Only
Ethnicity: Greek  Yahoo:Members Only
Location:Canada  ICQ:Members Only
Last Online:12/13/2006 (GMT)   

well i like chillin with friends, and goin out, and i play guitar, and soccer, and hockey,lol (krazzy_8@hot..)guys sorry if i dont write back i dont have vip so...sowwy


Thinkin of..? before hair cut


 _Am0r3_: hey hun
thnks s0 much 4 da v0t3
i rLLy appreciat3 it!
y0u'LL have mine netime!!

 Gr33k_Nick: wow ur hotttttt
thx for the vote re
take care see u around
 tinkerbella10: heyyy
thx for ur vote
u will always hav mine

 EuroSweety: hey
just passing by to say
thanks so much for ur
it was appreciated. ciao

[[]] Danielle [[]]
 Lush_Baby: Hi! Thanks so much for the message. It meant a lot to me! You will have mine anytime!!
 x3ur0gin0x: *
ThaNkzzZz Forr The Votee*
i LoOove Amandaa
 Piink_PriinCess: hey Thx a lot for ur vote
whenever u need mine u got it!
 2GeThEr4EvEr: Hey sweety
thanks so much for ur vote!
it was very appreciated
M & M
 greek_omorfoula: hiiii petrooo i got vip yay lol
well just passin by n say i love ya talk to u soon
love always -Sia-
 italian_flava: ThAnKz AlOt 4 Da vOt3 MaLaKa !!
 GreekSoul: euxaristo re file
 angii_babii: heyyyy
Thanks soo much for the vote i rlly appreciate it

 italia_sweety: Hey Bello
Thanks for your vote
really appreciated
NaTaLiE - -
Hey sweetyy
i just wanted to pass by and say thanks
for ur vote!! it ment alot i couldnt
have done it without u!
XoX {MaRiSsA} XoX
 SeXy_StEpHy: hey sweety,thx alot for the vote,its much appreciated u got mine anyday!ciaooooo
 _SeXyCaPiTaInA_: heyy petroo
thnx 4 the votee
u got mine anytime k
love you bye


Just wanted to say

thank you so so much for your vote.

I highly appreciated it


__ Sarah
Just passing by to say thanks
for your vote it ment alot and
youll always have mine!
NaTaLiE - -
 diesel_babii: Heyy
Thx so much 4 da vote
ull always have mine
 _SeXyCaPiTaInA_: Hey Petro
Thnx 4 ur votee
u got mine anytime

 xKristina77x: hey babe
thanks for voting for me, u defiantly get my vote
kristina x

 greek_omorfoula: hey petroooo
wats up cuz yay i got vip hehe thank u 4 ur vote petrooo kia is soooo prettyyyyy lucky u lol anyways see u
love yah
 Sexii_JezZ: hey thx for the voooote
i really appreciate it take care
 Juiicy_: heyy bello

thxx so much 4 ur vote

 Krissy911: Heyy there
Jus wanted to say thx a bunch for ur vote, ur so kind !!
take care sweety
 lilhotty: heyyy petrosssssss lookin gd seXxXiness hehe lol , anywayz how are yaaaaaaaaa!! i havent seen u in like a million yrsssssss!! anywayz hun ill ttyl byeeeeeee
luv ya ~*NanCy*~
 ital_gina07: hey bello
i just wanted to say THANKS 4 DA VOTE

 armenian_babii: Hi there
Thank you so much 4 ur vote, i wouldn't have gone this far without your vote!! lolz
You alwayz have mine
Anywho, thankz again

ur so hott
esti how are u mon amore lol im so fkn stoned lol i luv u petro ur the best whever i need someone ur there thx man i so o u one bebe well im out ciao cioa xoxoxo
kiaa and the krazzi russian mom lol passion style beating pope kiaa anya the second lmao
 ital_mandy69: hi
thx 4 ur vote ciao
 italian_hottie6: heyy bello
thx for the vote
 dj_euro_69: OmMgGgGgGGggGGGgG petro
stop getting so hot
lol thx for the vote
im gonna beat u if this hotness
continues the passion style
cioa xoxoxoxoxoo
babii kia
 dj_euro_69: hey babi whats up i miss talkin to u well i wanted to let u kno that i luv u lol cioa xoxoxoxo kia
 dj_euro_69: ur kewt holla me bak luv kia

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