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Feeling is our fundamental reality. we are feeling machines peace, love, truth, joy need to be felt it is no accident that contentment feel good that peace feels good that joy feels good that serenity feels good when we don’t fell good we want to fix the feeling machine we have each been given a mind and we think and think. we think of tomorrow and the day after tomorrow our heart says “ be with this feeling of fulfillment ” our mind says “ let’s discuss what’s going to happen, let’s plan”. Within me , I want to find my peace, my tranquility, my joy. My mind is curious: it wants to think and imagine. It lives in vapor: my heart lives on substance. I need to give my heart the substance of love. Of peace, of being fulfilled every day. This is what my heart seeks. We often think questions will lead to answers, but that is not necessarily so. There is a distinct domain of questions and a distinct domain of answers. There is an ocean of questions. In the ocean of questions, there are no answers. There is also an ocean of answers, there is no questions. For the mind it is more intriguing to be filled with questions, for the heart, it is more intriguing to be filled with answers. Knowledge provides answers that may not come from questions. Experience is fundamental, without experience , everything is theory. It is as simple as drinking a glass os water when you are thirsty. Why is it that when we are hungry. Theory is not good enough, and yet when it comes to the essentials of life, theory will suffice? For so many centuries, a voice has been calling out: “ what u are looking for is within u. your truth is within u, your joy is within u, your peace is within u”. My heart only wants to accept things I have felt not the ideas that come from my mind but what is real. i ´ m very funny guy , and only loking a freind to talk about this life and me and get fun. i am new in california , iam from venezuela so lets see what gonna happend. hey one thing looking a good freind

in my house

in madrid

hello nikki beach

hi in miami


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