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Ethnicity: Armenian  Yahoo:Members Only
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I'm a Chiropractor practicing in Old Town Pasadena. If you know of anyone with a personal injury (work or car related) don't hesitate to email me at I can also refer you to some great local lawyers, if needed. Have a happy, healthy day ! DrAlice;)

Here I am


 ADragon: Holloween Dance Party

on Sunday October 30th, 2005 @ the Cove
(300 N. Harvey Dr., Glendale, CA)
close to 134 & 2 freeway

feat. DJ Artin & DJ Ray
spinning Int'l music

Doors open @ 8pm
21 & over
Open Bar
First 50 people will receive a gift
5 best costumes will receive prices
Admission $15

For more info call 818-523-5772 or 818-482-0358

 Robert: Dear Friend:
If you like to meet HANDSOME and QUALITY ARMENIAN men living in USA, go to and contact any member you want to. It is an absolutly FREE website. You will love it. GUARANTEED
 jennifer359: Hello Dr. Alice. How are u? I just wanted to know what you would recommend me doing in terms of work. Its my last year at Cleveland Chiropractic and I just wanted to know what I should do. What technique do u practic? Gonstead or Diversified?
Ah Dr. Dr. can you cure pleasures of cruelty


On Friday April 1st, 2005
@ The Cove, Ultra Lounge
300 Harvey Dr. (next to 2 & 134 freeway)
Glendale, CA


Free entrence for Ladies until 10pm
Doors open @ 9pm
21 & over
Upscale dressy attire
Admission $15.00

For more info call (818) 523-5772 or e-mail @

 CRAFT:  Hi Alice how are you? I really like your pics, let's to know each other. Anthony
 ArmenianGuy: Hello I am King Horen.
 hovighokis: hey you must verey busy with work or something. leave me a massege
 haiboy: Hey cutie,

You sure don't look armenian. Your profile says that you live 0 miles away, I am looking in my back yard but dont see you, where are you?

 Vartan32: hi
 johnjezmund: That's cool. Honestly, I figured that's where you were coming from. A smile says a lot about a person and your smile didn't come across as conceited. However.....I want to pick up on your comment re: surrounding yourself with people that have a commensurate experience so you can communicate with greater ease. God knows I'm right there with you (actually, a time may come when you'd just rather surround yourself with yourself because everyone else just feels so empty). I'd love to tell you about my friend Paul and our friendship and what happened to it as a direct result of just that. But I fear I've boared you already. I' mean who wants to meet a guy who challenges their sentiments before they've even met? So I'll leave it at this: I'd like to get to know a bit more about you but I'm not so good at the small talk thing. I can get a bit pedantic. So tell me about yourself: hobbies, pastimes, etc...
 Raffig1969:  Dr Alice, I'm sick of being lonely, you might be cure me? Raffi
 CANDLE: Hi, have u ever seen a viking
 johnjezmund: You have a great smile. I just wonder why anyone would want to be challenged by their mate or friend or whatever. Have you had a string of bad luck when it comes to relations? I'll tell you why: I've got four degrees (two of which are at the graduate level). I remember needing to feel better about myself by engaging intellectual scenarios so that I can show off what I'm all about. Turns out, my need to challenge and be challenged intellectually was really rooted in my total lack of self-esteem. Eventually, I realized that I'm enough. I don't need the approval or disapproval of anyone else to be happy. I stopped challenging my peers and started to approach the people in my life from the perspective of wanting to share their experience--be it an educated one or not. Anyway, I'm not trying to challenge you now (or am I?). It's just your comment about equality struck me with some trepadation.
 arazi: i'm a natural blonde myself...

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