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Name:SLAVE    Email:Members Only
Sex:Male  AIM:Members Only
Age:47  MSN:Members Only
Ethnicity: Armenian  Yahoo:Members Only
Location:California, US  ICQ:Members Only
Last Online:5/9/2011 (GMT)   

I am Young man that is very sexy as well,I am looking for a women that enjoys body massage because I am very skilled at this, I have experience & know how to give pleasure to a women in the bedroom, I love to make women feel very special both physically & emotionally, even you can use me as I am your slave to worshhip your body or legs toes massage them I even like to sniff smell unwashed panties of you even while you wearing it i like to be slave for women.e mail me at so if I contact you,its because you are a lovely women to me. ATT.I AM STANDARD MEMBER,SO PLEASE WRITE YOUR MAIN E MAIL ADRESS SO I CAN REPLY TO YOU.

Sorry, falconeye has no pictures. Check back soon!


 Kisulik: Merry Christimas to u
 UrbanGirl: uh...
 BEIRUTZI_FEMALE: oh my e mail is
 Lenoushka: akid ba7ki 3arabi!
 Lenoushka: L E B A N O N
 BEIRUTZI_FEMALE: hi falconeye i heard guys from kueit r very nice i been here in LA for 19 years bye
 TasteyDelight: well thank you for all the nice words and the vaulenteer jobs. well it will be a good start with a pic. so I can see you I will hire you lol
 BEIRUTZI_FEMALE: ya habibi 7al arz do u know arabic and how long u been here? talk to u soon bye
 BEIRUTZI_FEMALE: hi falconeye im 33 i live in pasadena been in la for 19 years and what about u?

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