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World Cup 2002

X-mas 2002

Yeah Baby!!!

Bigfoot & D Cuz´s

Remington 30-06 (Pump Action)

BF Party





 CLUBINFO: u definetely need to check out teez at the cove on april 2nd to be on the guest list call 818 680 0111 this event sold out the first time and it will sell out this time...21 and over and dress code is strictly enforced/ check out
 euro_girl: it sucks cuz ur not vip anymore, im bored now ,theirs nobody to entertain me...ciaoooooooo sexy
 VB: hey man whats up?? I piked up on Friday, what a chik she was hey?? what about u what happening between u and u know who?? Miss T
 Sproxybabe: UR HANDSOME
 LookWhoItIs666: URE QTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 HOTpepper: helllo....yop the girl(dark hair) on the right is NELLY!yea she is armo!why do u askk? hmmm jk
u take care,TAHH PEP
 ANNETTA: Lori Tatoulian performing her critically acclaimed One Woman Show!

1117 W. 24th Street, Los Angeles.
Fridays @ 8:00pm from March 14th till May 2nd.
General Admission $15.00
For tickets and reservations call: 310 839-5266

Donít miss this wonderful show!!!!

Beautiful Armenian Girl
Beginning with the retelling of her grandmother's dehumanizing experience during the Armenian Genocide, the scene then travels to the American cultural landscape. The juxtaposition of these two worlds suggest that the consumer culture pose a similar threat to identity. This ritualistic piece embodies the dichotomy between the sacraments of the Armenian religious heritage and the commodification of the West which has replaced the culturally specific rituals of the past. Razors and lipstick coincide with wine and bread, revealing the relationship between traditionalism and progressivism, the earthly and synthetic, the sacred and common.

 HOTpepper: yeaaa yeaa i'm still around! whats new?PEP
 greekprncess: so why do u call yourself bigfoot
 euro_girl: i got my bro so many scareface posters, so did u frame urs or????
 natalja_pink: What does that mean?
 HOTpepper: yooo whats up?yoppp she use to be blonde...ur right Nelly is finnneee,i'll pass on the compliment to her! thankxxx
hows cali?now now dont be shootn no peppers!
 euro_girl: hey long time no talk, have u been?????????
 VB: lol
 Exotic_Import: u look crazy with ur guns
 natalja_pink: HAHAHA!!!
 natalja_pink: YO! I`m here.
 euro_girl: ouhhhlalalalalal BF u got some nice new pics, looking good
 euro_girl: lol thats funny and yah i know what they say about ppl with big feet
yah i have to scann some more pics, why my pics r boring huh??
 euro_girl: well yah coz im from europe and i dont know lol, i didnt know what to choose...what about bigfoot???lol
 euro_girl: well fri i had to work but i went to a restaurant on thursday, so i kind of had a valentin but nope no bf...u?????
 euro_girl:  happy valentine's day
 euro_girl: yup ur right...coucou means crazy
 natalja_pink: Wow! You r hot! I like your toys too, too much. Do you speak Russki?
 SWEEt_STANG21: Thaaanx ...Hows everything with you!? Havnt talked to u in awhile!?!
 euro_girl: hummmm lets see...going to a club with lots of friends, dance, after maybe going to after hr or rent a room at the hotel and continued the party, i dont know...u????????
 HOTpepper: hey,yea i ment euro girl!
whats this,u have a fascination with barbi?..i must agree she is the BOMB,LOoL...T~C Pepper
 HOTpepper: question....???? in the middle! lol
does that answer it! so u know GIGI...
 trancelvr33:  Wasssss up!!! How u doin? Can u tell i'm just a little bored? Just wanted to say was up. ByE bYe for now.
 euro_girl: oh lol bad boy huh
 euro_girl: why coz she is hot, just jk...HOTpepper
i like ur new pics, not as scary as the other one, ciaoooo take care

 HellzAngel: you?
 Farfalla: Nice Afro.. Are you African-Armenian???
 euro_girl: oh thx
yah i'v been good not like an angel but still...
nice new pic kind f scary but nice
ciao take care
 trancelvr33: Wass up! How's everything? How was ur trip? Anwyays talk 2 u later. bye bye
 euro_girl: nice new pics, looking good
 SWEEt_STANG21: Thats right huh, its summer there!! Oh wooooow! You need some ass whooping from me now! lol hahaha NOT FAIR, I WANNA GO 2 THE BEACH TOO!! WELL, DONT HAVE To MUCH FUN...OKAAAAAAAAAAAY!! k, byebye 4 now!
 trancelvr33: Was up! Just wanted to say hi. What part of cali r u from? anyways hope to hear from u soon. lates
 euro_girl: oh yah let me see that hot body
 SWEEt_STANG21: hEy biGfOOT! Your packin' for Australia?!...daaaaamn, its a long flight too! I wanna send u some pics of my cousins from Sydney!! Im sure uve seen 'em around or somethiNg!! I finally got my Vegas pics.. They didnt come out 2 good! But uhmm i might put one Anyways, i'll talk to you later. BUbyeeeeeeeeeeeee
 Exotic_Import: hey
hows L.A must be nice livin there... yea toronto sucks from what i hear in sport lol i dont really look into it tho cuz i aint no sports fan
 SWEEt_STANG21: Hiiii bigFOOT!! New Years in Vegas was a lotta fun!! 1st night we went clubbing. It was really packed (w/guys..heehee)! 2nd night (new years eve), we were on the strip screaming our lungs out! It was really nice, there were fireworks on top of the hotels w/drunk people all over the strip and they were all just huggin/kissing one I took lots of pics... I might just put some up..hahaha We were sleeping during the daytime and having a blast at night! We also gambled a lot...and WON!! Yaaaay!! So yeah, we had lots of fun!! What did you end up doing?
 euro_girl: thx and ur good looking... is that my afro or what lol
 lilit: ur very handsome
 SWEEt_STANG21: HEy, u know what!! U look a bit familiar, now that ive glanced over ur pic one too many times!! lol I was in Australia like 3 years ago...went to some huge armo new years party...~~>Lotta guys!! I checked out each and every one of them! lol Maybe u were one of em.......ooooooooorrr have u been to Armenia with the Australia scouts people...cuz i went with the Glendale crowd and met the Australians there!! Let me
 SWEEt_STANG21: ...................................  esp. the 4th one!!! lol...So were u walking like this after taking all those shots? ~~~>
 SWEEt_STANG21: Well-Well-Well Good Morning there! WHat new pic? Put up some more!! Ive alreay seen both of these! Like mY pics? thNAX! Me >Putting up more pics? > Nooooooo, i dont think so, im ready to take 'em off!! These guys are so eeeeeeeeeeeew!! No comment!! lol Half of 'em can barely speak/write in english and the rest are looking for girls to get married with..Oh and all of 'em mostly post in private so other giRls wont see their posting another giRl! Get it?..haha Pretty interesting, huh?!...tHese piMps!! Great, its almost 9am!!Vaaaaaaaaay, I cant believe its so early in the morning and im workIng alllllllllllll freakin day! I feel like quiting!! Damnnnnnnnnn!!! K, gotta go to work now...BUbyeee mR. biGFoot
 SevachiaHayuhi: hey there nice pics
 SWEEt_STANG21: The PoweR of lOvE!! FuNNy!!
 SWEEt_STANG21: Hey MR. LezemKezian!! lol ARound where in Glendale are you? Have u been to the Glendale mall lately? DISASTER!!! Its so freakin crowded!! Whhhhhy are u here during winter, when its summer at ur placE? ...Is there something special u got planned for like X-mas or New yEars here???
 SWEEt_STANG21: HAHAHAHAHAHA...funny!! Y would i get mad!? That was the funniest pic ever!! SOrta sick , but its all good! k, gotta g now..BUbyeee
 SWEEt_STANG21: Hello, nice pics...and interesting profile...

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