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Name:Sweety Zayna   Email:Members Only
Sex:Female  AIM:Members Only
Age:33  MSN:Members Only
Ethnicity: Lebanese  Yahoo:Members Only
Location:Canada  ICQ:Members Only
Last Online:1/5/2007 (GMT)   

Salut c´est zayna jai 18 ans et jhabite mtl ! if u wanna talk with me just live me a short msg ! c ya later ya habibi ! yeha but sorry boy i cant answer u cause im not vip so sorry if i dont answer u but u can give me ur mail so like that i can leave u a msg or maybe talking ... :)

its me ! :)

yeah ! me again !





 garo123: hi zayna how are u , I see ur profile I liket very nice picture my msn is I hope I hear from u soon
 italdrummer: hey how r u? nice pics
 Robin_Hood: hi
 balla4life: hi kifik? i am just showing u some love, if u like wut u see get back to me
 lebprince24: smallah
 italiandude: hey bella!!! how r u tonight im good. ur looking pretty tonight. write me an email if u like or asdd me to ur msn and i come from mtl also u look like a nice person to talk to!!! ciao bellaaaa
 Brown_Thug: h0ttttttttttttt in wintah ... lmao
betta take care in y0 hood ...
~1~ latazzz
 charlier: hubba hubba
 Dj_Sixx: Hey... what's happenin cutie?!
hit me up sometime at on msn!

 mopar_exco: hey hru im ok so ure very cute and beautyful ok so happy valentines day hottie and add me to msn k or msg me back k later.
 ___KoRn: oh girl,,you killed me

 DAEWOO125: Hello, very cute pictures. and all I can say is wwwwwooooooowwwwww. love to chat with you. i can send you a pic if you like
 Mike_Horus: lol i just can leave u a message today and tom so i wanted to say hi if u r on will waitin u
 michael1: ill send u a pic when u respond
 ToeTosh: wowwwwwwwwww what a model you are, i love them lebanese girls especailly you your gorgoes. hit me up sometime i would love to talk to you i8t then latz cutie
 AllEyeZOnMe_97: hey girl how r u?
just wanna say your pretty
i like the thing u do with your lips when u take a pic very cute
write back ciao
 ozonmydyke: hi sxc how r u ?
 fg: hey sweety ca va!ur very cute so if u want leave me a msg!
 elio: zayna bi zein aw biz wahad sorry mazha i'm just wanna say you so cute yala bye
 USMCzFinest: Salut, tu es tres jolie, very adorable , write back
 BigTony: you are a cutie but young. i give yo two thumbs up..

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