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Last Online:10/29/2002 (GMT)   

HI How are you?? I can tell you something about my life Iīm Marko, 27 years old I was born in Buenos Aires 06/14/1975, but Iím Peruvian Spanish, living in Barcelona About studies or work: Economist, but working in computer all my life, now in a consulting company like sys admin, Hobbies: I love travel , quite places, sea, country, films, read, computer tech, sex, I like so much learning things, read magazines, watch some documental channels and Visit places that I like, in painters I prefer French impressionist so much. Music: mm donít know I love grunge, alternative rock yes because my age je je je maybe I start to be old, I like too rock , opera, and some chill out, Spanish rock, some folk too, Yes I like nice or beauty girls but its not what I see in a girl, I wasnít be lucky about girls, and I prefer a girl deserve be on the cover up of TIME magazine than beauty to be in Play Boy. Donít know how I can describe my idea girl , but I want she be sweet, sexy and smart; be flexible its important in any kind of relations friends , lovers or more, I think right now I donít find the love of my life Buts if this come Iím open to all. Bout relations I think its nice enjoy life Iím so liberal, but its not mean that I donít feel love, I think I can feel love, but to trust in some future I need time I donít want be hurt or hurt others, Iím not that kind of guys that are gigolo or going to flirt different girl every weekend to disco, Iím more kind of talkative but shy guy with girls, I prefer person to person contact because I think some times its not same know a person in way person to person that meet in a group About look Iím 1.70mts., 85kg, dark curly hair, honey colour eyes, skin red tanned, mm donít know what more I can said maybe not good looking but maybe not to ugly. Some girls said that prefer smart guys but I think maybe its not true because I think Iím more smart than good looking and I see many time girls scare about me fir that , maybe girl really donít like a smart guy Maybe need you looks more stupid?

Me on winter


 shalustik: Hello My Dear,
How are you today and how is life moving over there? i hope fine.
My name is Miss Nelly, It is my pleasure to view your profile today in this
site and after going through your profile I became interested in
you...please I will like to know you more I will like you to
reply this mail with your email address direct to my email not in the site,
so that I can give you my picture for you to know whom I am. Here is my
email address ( believe we can
move from here...remember that color or distance does not matter but love
matters a lot in I am waiting impatiently to hear from you
Thanks and have a wonderful day
from nelly

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