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Name:Sierra Dimauro  Email:Members Only
Sex:Female  AIM:Members Only
Age:34  MSN:Members Only
Ethnicity: Italian  Yahoo:Members Only
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Last Online:3/19/2003 (GMT)   

hey hey!!! i just wanna say a holla 2 all my friends eric, erin, mark, baby J(Jeff U CUTIE hehe)17!, shawna Bitch#uno, my brother diego(MEXICO!!!), and 2 all the sexy boys!!! hahaha ;) BUCKTOWN!!!!!!! wut wut!!! and for ppl wondering where im from!!! im from MTL(MONTREAL) west island!!! ok!! peaceee sexy boyz (stop messaging me guys over 19 PLEASE i think your all gay cant you find someone your age?)

cute again!

sexy me! hehe

read my shirt tell me wut u c!


sexy me

loli pop





sexy red



 johnnydarko: hey bella im johnny im 21 i just wanted to know if you want to chat if so add me
 BRABUS: You're on fire Seksie!
 BRABUS: Your on fire Seksie!
 lebprince24: nice pics
 Raverx: i think my friend knows u from a long time hes right, u r a gorgeous one

add me on msn if it cares to interest u:


 i_hate_milk: u a stupid hoe
 elimelki1: Whats wrong with older men ??? you rather date baby's...loll
 marco_guliano: Damn! You are sexy but i dunno i find it hard to believe that the last two pics and the first few is the same Girl?? Well if i am mistaken Yes you r Hot
 mopar_exco: hi cutie how are u im good so ure hot sexy and beautyful so cutie add me to ure msn list plese pritty plese ciao sweety.
 Dannybaby: nice now..just cuz we`re overy 19 doesnt mean we`re not allowed to find you pretty from the west too...what the ****..MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR..
 wiseguy: yum yum
 natalja_pink: Hi! You are so beautiful you should be an actress. You look good in every hair color. I could never pull that off.
 Tigran_: What was the last book that you read from Alexander Dumas?
 (((armenian4life))):  do u have a msn baby ? write me back chow ,, my email

 fg: very cute!tell me about urself msg back
 RANMAN: i look 19
 RANMAN: More power to you, im from the west isalnd too

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