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Name:Voula T  Email:Members Only
Sex:Female  AIM:Members Only
Age:34  MSN:Members Only
Ethnicity: Greek  Yahoo:Members Only
Location:Australia  ICQ:Members Only
Last Online:9/19/2003 (GMT)   



hmmmm :P



 souvorov: voulaki, nice pics.
 Jrashkhar: hey sweety, you said "aide bai" at the end of your profile. Is that greek or turkish? anyway.i dont wanna put my pic up so if you want a pic gimme your email. u in syd?
 such_a_wog: hello beautiful how iz ya?dats good?lol ammm where bout r ya from melb and im hopin u r 2
 Nik_Da_Greek: what kind of club?
 Nik_Da_Greek: what have you got planned for ur birthday?
 ItaLiaN_m: heya sexc ... yeah seems a long way away huh .. maybe u can drive and meet up with me promise youll go home with a grin dunno if i will come sat but thanks for the invite i appreciate it .. hey email me if u like k sexc
hey u gotta man? ? hear from u soon ciao bella .. frank my name is frank by the way .. your name ?
 ethnik: tikanis mwa sup girl~!?
eehhhhh in sydney i know itz a shame shame shame, but u know...errr anyways. so yeh thanks for da reply *MWA*, ur nice ra...msg back aight...

latez mwa take it eazy mwa

 ethnik: ayo w'sup girl, i was just bummin'n i fell on ya profile lolllz anyways sup girl? u look nice, not that i evn know ya coz i dont [der ^_^] but feel free 2 hit me up anytime if u wanna get 2 know me if ur a nice chic we'l c huh. mwa take it easy girl. kalanikta mwa~!!

 ItaLiaN_m: ah im not too bad lol thanks hehehehe east burwood huh ?? im from sunshine fair distance but i d be willing to travel it to see your smile ciao bella
 Nik_Da_Greek: when do u turn 18?

hey if u send bak send me in private plz
 ItaLiaN_m: hello nice pics greeek goddess where in australia are you from ?? im in melbourne myself ... reply back if you like ciao
 Nik_Da_Greek: Hello Voulaki lol@nic. Where abouts in Aust r u from?
 GrEeK_sTa_StUd: hey wassup..... ur not bad urself...tell me a bit about urself... ciaoz chris

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