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Gone :)

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 sweetkoukla_86: xaderfooooo !!!!!
lol hey harry hru jus passin by to say heii lol soo ya how uve been how that other cuz of mine umm xristos who never calls haha anywaz tell ever1 heii
 SeXy_StEpHy: HAAAARRYYYY BABBBBBYYYYY!!! how are u sexiness.... omg long time no speak,omg i love uuuu so mucchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh  hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh  hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh  hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh  hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh  ! ur such a cuty... we gotta chill lie NOWWW lol... gimme a call someday .. jtaime byeee
 shaun_bonjovi:  harry wasup! long time no see.. anyways i'm on my lunch i g2g back to work b4 ur uncle kills
take care
 Greek_God: hey hey...
Wuts up bro??? not much with me .... ye ye i went to sleep but at like 5 in morning ... but wtvr...well as you can see no1 wrights as much as me ... i feel so special now... not in the retarded way thought... i think ima gonna try to wright more then i wrote before
well your pretty much in montreal now... i think ... and im hella bored... THERE NOTHING TO DO IN FABREVILLE ...AHHHHHH
ok well. wtvr... i bette be able to come over tomorrow or ill KILL YOU!!!!
you tiny midget from hell.... (dont forget the plan for are world domination)
well i guess ill go casue well my hands starting to hurt... and no dont take it in that kind of nasty way... well later bro....
 Lizzzard: oh hi!
well my friend did my background! sooooooo i have nooooooo idea how to do it! its complicated
n-e wayz im out
byeeee byeeee
 SeXy_StEpHy: BABY MOU!!! omg u got a hair cut i hope it looks good ,lol it probably will since its on u,lol sorry i didn't call i saw xxx tonight i just came back,lol thanks for the invite anywayz,i g2g sorry bye
 tashy_baby: surprised i found you also...and that whole thing where there is a steph there is a natasha isnt true!!! lol its more like the other way hehe..aright well i just got home...*cuba* so imma go lie down..see you latah!! much luv!
 SeXy_StEpHy: BABE!!!!!i just got back from the panigiri,omg these fake nails are botherin me!!! i miss u!!! i wanna come work with u monday okay,lol ,my cuzs says hi!! hehe,anywayz it better not be anything bad ,lol okay abut tamz,lol
i g2g muah
 bella_di_calcio: Hey name is Trisha...i go to scared heart in 14 and i woiuld like to get to know u better! w/b
 beba_04: Hey Harry!
Im just writting u back nothing much is up so ya...
 baby_j10: yoooooooooooo harry!!!!
if it aint my favourite cousin!!! thanx for the message and ya hope to see u at the wedding!!!

love ya jackie
 Greek_God: and steph your so damn obossed with him you gotta calm down gurl... well wtvr ...
 Greek_God: Yo Harritos ...
Wuts up bro!?... ive got no idea why im wrighting this sine your just downstairs to me... well wtvr... just felt like saying wuts up... talk to you in a couple of seconds ...
 SeXy_StEpHy: BABE! how are u ,my cuzins are here and i wanted them o see ur pics aiight they think ur cute anywayz i wanted to write u cuz i love u bye bye
 SeXy_StEpHy: hey harry,hey that thing in ur comment page,where it says stephy,ur cute and i hope u change towards the beter,is that about me?? and what is that suppose to mean? seems like someon likes tammy!well wtv ,hit me back!!
 MiNT_MaChiNe: sup man long time no see bro
how r u? anyways bro im out
 SeXy_StEpHy: HAAARRRYYYY! BABY WHAT'S UP???omg i'm sorry but tonight i cant come to work wit u bcuz i just remembered i have to babysit my lil cuzins,omg i'm sorry,umm the monday coming up are u workin cuz i can probably come then! okay i luv u baby! have fun,i know i wont lil kids screamin in my ears and what not! lol i'll be thinkin bout u baby! ~ luv ya~ i luv the pics!
 SeXy_StEpHy: HARRY!!i dont allow other gurls writi to u,lol!! ur mine and only mine,u got that gurls!!lol,jk! yes i did wish u happy birthday i told mike to tell u when he was at ur house and i called ur house three times and i told ur bro to tell u and i told ur mom too!anywayz im out babes and i luv u ,u betta call me,to get together okay .peace xoxox

 GreekArtist: OMG!!! U never told me!!! I feel so baby honey mou! I could just die Happy b-day sweetie, I really gotta get a calendar and mark down everyones b-day, lol. Catch ya later baby!
Love always,
 sexy_angel69: HEY U??whats up??hows ur summer going?/thx 4 msging me anywyas c u soon have nice summer (watevers left of it)lol luv ~*MarY*~ XOX PS:WUT A CUTEE PICCCC!!!LOL

 SeXxXy_Nia: Harrrrrrrrrrry...Life's good i had fever tho today *tear* lol..but izz all going to bed cccc yaaaaaa
 cbabs: yo u been?school is starting soon so i guess ill see u there, take care
 GreekArtist: Baby, when is ur bday? Write back, Vicky
 BabyIce69: actually i do know u..well cuz ur in my anyways holla back
 GreekThug: yoo was up bro howz it going chil chill trying to b pac bro from all da times i do it in western
never forget bro to (weeed)
 KaRoUbAlO: ella re hows everything you going to the panigiri in mtl??
anyways im out ciao

 str8Playette: wWWwwWwwWHhHHhhHhhAaaAaaAAatTttTTtT  ttT!!!!!! its Harry ...wassap ! i havent seen u for sucha long time yo!!!!!!yea i guess i changed nut uve changed too u know!....realy u came to my school?...and how is this?..i dint see a hottie like you!!!!!! well n e ways sweetie hit me back byeeeeee
 SeXy_StEpHy: Hey HAAAAAAARRRRRRRYYYYYYYYYY!!! happy birthday baby.omg harry,i have so many things to tell u,and i dont know how,first of all ur the greatest guy in the world and the most amazin friend anyone could ever have,secondly ur so hot and i dont know what the hell i was thinkin when i liked nick in sec 1 and not u!! and thirdly,i just hope we stay amazin friends forever,because i would be so dpressed if i were to lose someone as great as u.anywayz if ever u need anything or want anything u know my number babe.i g2g so i'll holla at u latahzzz,muah babe
 sexy_kathy69: hey chris!!

thank god u rememeebr me lololjk anyways my summer is goping great how urs? i hope ur coming to greek school next year thats like the only way i can see u!!! anyways hit me back
 sexy_kathy69: hey how are u im kathy from greek school!! u look damn sexy in that pic!! well just if u dont remmeebr im the gurl remmeber wen we were trying to get outta of the gym but the ilithio wazent leeting us and we hade to find gay exuse so he could let us lololol holla back

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