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Name:New pics coming soon wenI go bakto Lebnan  Email:Members Only
Sex:Male  AIM:Members Only
Age:33  MSN:Members Only
Ethnicity: Armenian  Yahoo:Members Only
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My name is Dave Abkarian or Tavit in Armenian. I am student in St Andrews, I am recently arrive to Sydney Australia late last year for study. Born in Lebnan. I want to join Australian Army, in the Special Intellegence Responce Forces Unit. Banksmeadow BUSBI_2 Unit. I am in cadets currently. Anything else you want to know about me ask, donīt be shy, I donīt bite.


Sorry, hothye has no pictures. Check back soon!


 lilsxcarmo2nv: hi junig,
no worriez, i forgive you
ill talk to u l8er

 natzzz: Thanks for ure msg, it was interesting! And u guessed right, i do have someone already! Thats how i no my comment is true, i fell in love and my baby became perfect! Hehehe, do u think alot? It seems like u do! Anywayz chat lata i gota jet! Take care! Bye!
 lilsxcarmo2nv: hey dave
i missed you tonight, where were you?
Got your message, anywayz
ill talk to you soon
 WiLd_CaT: oooooh thanku!!
 one_greek_chik: hey sexy when in syd i live how u been
 Wonder_Woman: Hi you surely are a cute one. But about kissing my tits, sorry, but there is only one person that I allow to do that. lol
 _Lil_Princess_: hey sexy
ur hot
and seem really nice
but a nice gilfriend? y don't we see about that a bit later? girlfriend/boyfriend is going a bit far
 Carmen: from Sydney y?
where r u from?

 One_Sexy_Chick: Well sexy Dave, if you were older you probably would but since ur seventeen I probably would ur if you tried Thanks for the compliment though!
 DR_TASHNAG: hey. tahsnags r azadamardigs, and many of em hav been behind bars.
so do u kno anyone from herE?
yalla byee
 DR_TASHNAG: hey wtap.. wats hapenin?
so u from lebanon??
boourj hamouden ess?
anywyas yalla write bak
 angel4u: hey sweety 10x which school do go to ?take care bye cute
 lilsxcarmo2nv: hi,
how r u
I'm from Sydney and i dont have a boyfriend,
hey, can i add you to my messinger so we can chat

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