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Last Online:10/21/2002 (GMT)   

hey im mp3 for the mp10z!! we rock !! i adore Britney a lot!! im simple , i love life !! lol !! waa2??

~~ ME ~~


 Mp10z: hey mp3...h r ya??well i am good..(Y) well mmmm hit me back(mp8) mmmm well c ya soon.....byezzzzzzzz
 tsolo: he he he i thought i was the only one who did not send u a msg but it seems that u r not hitting me he he MP3 as i know so see ya soon bye
 cutegirly: hey 10x gurl taht u've been thinking about me!! hhehe anshousht u'll love me yerevagaye enno comon! 1heheh lol luv ya u kknow!! lol
see ya at 1 !babbye
 cutegirly: hey 10x gurl taht u've been thinking about me!! hhehe anshousht u'll love me yerevagaye enno comon! 1heheh lol luv ya u kknow!! lol
see ya at 1 !babbye
 NaKaTa: hi cutyyy how r ya? im fine 10xxxxxxxx yalla take carez
 cutegirly: heyyy ouressssssss i've been searching for u ouressssss!!! mised ya soooo much gurl!!!
 NaKaTa: naye it's SuPeRFiRe ok?
 massis_9: hello how r u ??????????? look add me plz and take care byezzzz
 fndkh86: aghtchig anjar getsa gor!!

bid garodnam!!

 SuPeRFiRe: HEYYYYY LAVES? NAYE KIDES EMAIL KREL? oragan email ge kremgor ches badaskhanergor tayyebb! (YA MAMI) heheheh i like that word ( YA MAMI) hehehehehehehehe
yalla bye byeeeeeeeeeeeee
 Mp10z: aghchig bitch .. r u going to anjar ???????????? Amaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa .. khalas yes al bid kam lol ... nayeh do u know a guy named varant there .. yalla see u hayati .. mp1
 cutegirly: sandyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy i'll misss ya tooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo girl well i can't seeeee ya coz i had to go but don't warry i'll always think of u eh??? ge vakhnamgor kezme chad!! lal waaaaa222222 byezz i'll miss u babbyez
 PartizanX: hello how r u iam fine i added ya talk with me on msn and i live in fanar ok byzzzzzzzzz thx for being my friend bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye.
 baby_blue_lara: hey laves......miss u baby ???? bye
 PartizanX: hello how r u?
how is ur life?
do u mind if i add u? will be friends.
which city do u live?
thats it for now bye bye take care c ya byzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
 cutegirly: hey sandyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy  yyy oures ya ??? i misssssed ya sooooo much girl hehehe lal welll ya yesterday was gr8 gr8 gr8 but i wished that mp10z were there toooo coz it was knid of empty right??? yalla babyez see ya after 30 min ok?? byezzzzzzzzz mwaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh:kiss  :
 fndkh86: wuv you gurl!!
mwah mwah mwah!!
 jezebel: hey1
missed u sweetheart.hey hit me back!wuv u!hey i miss anita too!love u!it's ma sarine by d way!
 Mp10z: WE WUV U TOO BITCH .. << Mp1 << WA22222222222 ???
 steelsevag: heyzzzzzzzzz whatsup
soo....what r u doing these days ... other than 3amo george see ya
 SuPeRFiRe: Heyyy Khentoug !!! laves? well guzesne amen or.. mishd ge hastsenem payts ese indzi! arants tsayni mi pakhir! ese & I'LL BE GLAD TO TAKE U HOME! i'm SERIOUS! walaw kani SaNdY ounim? 7atta aysor yela nayelou yete hasarne doun! see? pamme ga ouremen
PS: inchab modenank adchab lav gella! guzemgor aveli mod ellank irarou hed ofcourse yete guzesne!
so g2g now bye bye
 steelsevag: hi bye and lol bes as 3 parere kides??
 jezebel: hey baby
love uuuuuuuuuu.hey it's me sarine i miss u so much .well leave me a message too huh?i wuuuv u.
 steelsevag: heyz remember me??
lolz how r u??
whats up??? see ya byezz
 Mp10z: We have to do something!! like a meeting or something!!
 cutegirly: hey sandyyyyyyyyyyy babyyyyyyy oures i misssssssed ya so much ammmmma ...
well u're siting next to me and u're not getting what i'm talking so whatever i'll explain it to u later on ok/? yalla congratulations for ur new page lol hehe byezzzzz

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