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h£y, Wa$$up yall???well, basically i have brown hair and brown eyes and a fine body;) my fave in music is ja, #1, ohh i§§ Murdah!!!my #2´s are p.diddy,B.I.G.(fo sho),j lo,ahsanti and mariah.easT cOAST baby!haha!im generally nice,but if u mess with me trust me i can be b*****, im an Ångel outside, but a little bad inside.ill have pictures from kermess soon...n-e-ways,if u got anythin else to say,HollÄ,aight? bye :)

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 SexY_aRmo: hey girl!!wasssssssssssssup?lol.S 4 life! happy u cumin 2 kermess tonight!lol.anyway,this time i guess we'll find sum guys!!!!!!!!!!LLLLLLLLLOOOOOOLLLLLL  LLL!!!!!! lol,no seriously! seriously, jk!lol,ok,imma stop now!lol.yalla bye!take care girl!
 ParskaHaV: yes its JAAAAAAAAAAA juleeeeeeeee
ahahaha i luv him mannnnnnnnnnn
 lenioug: hey i dnt think ill go next year but probably in 4 yrs yalla c u in 6 days ciao
 ~CrAzY~: heyyyyyyyy ya i know man u r talking about vin diesel here duh he's HOTTTTTTTTTT!!! lol
newayz did u c xXx ? well i didn't yet but bid yertam tidem aysor i think or maybe during the week
ok newayz yalla bye man -xxx-
 lenioug: hey sandra i got ur msg when i was in armenia but i dnt get the chance 2 write back so im back home and i havent slept for 30 hrs im dead tired so i guess ill talk 2 u soon
 ~CrAzY~: heyyyy well thx for the congrads lol
newayz well i was in my mom's car so ador hamar chi desar indzi maybe
newayz cool like do u finish camp this friday? well i'm happy for u lol
newayz yalla bye -x-x-x- lol
luv ya
 ~CrAzY~: hey yo i forgot to tell you i saw u yesterday u guys we're going to the pool with camp.. lol it was funy i used to be in that mess lol
ok well that's all
yalla bye -xxx-
 ~CrAzY~: hey sandra!!! lav es?!? i'm ok newayz yo did u here my good news? i got a pager!! lol
newayz ya i know i really wanted to go and the weather was good also lol
newayz silva said we'll probably go this saturday if the weather's good
ok well newayz
yalla bye -xxx-
 SexY_aRmo: HHEYY girrlll!wassupp?finally!u go on D comment,lol.hehe.anyway,wassup girl?howz everything??cant wait till kermess!!!iss gon be off D hizzy f'shizzy!LoL.anyway,we gots 2 take a pic,yala i gots to go!so u know,holla back!(lol,106 & park guy,haha)yalla bye,take care!! *~PeAcE~* LOL

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