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Age:29  MSN:Members Only
Ethnicity: Italian  Yahoo:Members Only
Location:Canada  ICQ:Members Only
Last Online:10/12/2002 (GMT)   

I luv boyz,.....Luv soccer!!....and Luv Boyz!!! I have big boobs....nice ass.......Also Single and lookin ....I do haf a pic but kinda old tho...........So I dunno.... The one wit me in ma pink shirt is of me now and the dark one was one of me like a year ago so yeah...,,Lemme say Hi to ma best friend Nat.....HI!!! lol ...Ne wayz leave me a message..if u want... Viva Italia forever ...Italy´s da best.....By the way I am 5"4 dirty blond hair....bye babez´s P.S If I am hot tell me lol!!!!!

This is me!


 khalid122: hi can u add me plz add ill show u my pic coz this is not my account tchaww sweety
 italiansexystud: hey gorgeous!

add me at so we can chat..

im also getting my pic soon. dont wry im cute

 Iggy: Ya ur hot, but i doubt u use thiz site nemore lol newayz l8taz xoxo
 mopar_exco: hi hottie how are u im ok so cutie can u give me ure msn addy plese ure so pritty and sexy so newayes ciao bella..
 luap: oooo damn u fine!!! i'd love to get know u better!!!
 ItALiAnFeLLA69: hey, ur reall fine..i noticed on ur coments u sed u luv soccer, soccers my favorite sport imm playin football righ now thogh im going to be playin soccer for indoor and spring season hit me back if u wanna talk
 armenian_made: wus up wy you dont msg me girl im crazy about you baby cmon msg me plz your like the girl ive been trying to find all my life do you leave in mtl msg me bye
 TEDSEXY: hey nicole i'm still waitting your messages,i'm 16 years old and blonde hair blue eyes......

 skating_wonder: hi
 Greek_boy: hey can i plz have ur e-mail adress babe ur bootyful
 XsMo0tHbOaRdErX: hey sexy, nice pic
if ur interested holla back
 GreekDon: Hi koukla. I'm Gr33KBl00D's best friend and so i decideds to talk to u sence ur the hottest italian chick on this site. .so msg back.ohh yeah dont worry about the pics. im gonna go to mikes and fix them tomorrow so u can see me. bye
 BeBe_GrLxoxo: Hey...thanx for leaving me a message...well i'll ttyl ok? byee
 italy_senastion: bourjourno precipessa , come va?

mama mia bellicima

hi my name is sebastian and i must sy u r perfect msg me back i wanna get to know u better ciao ciao
 italy_senastion: bourjourno precipessa , come va?

mama mia bellicima

hi my name is sebastian and i must sy u r perfect msg me back i wanna get to know u better ciao ciao
 Greek_God: just wanted to add.... YOU ARE SOOOOO DAAAAMNNNNN HOOOOOTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!

well later
 Greek_God: yo ...
wuts up babez ?
not much with me ... daaaaaamnnn nice pics ....damn that felt good getting it out of my system... well just felt like saying babez
also wanted to ask you if i could have you hotmail... that if you like
well g2g...
later babe
 skating_wonder: did i mention ur hottness...just checking
 skating_wonder: ur rite u do have big boobs but i'll take ur word for the ass part ur pretty a way very hott
 shortywayans18: hey i just wanted to tell u taht i got a new account anyways msg me bak
 Oo_aLeX_oO: ur hot.. ur a lil conceited saying u have big boobs and a big ass.. funny though i like it.. so u love boys.. well why dont u check my pic out and tell me if im hot.. i doubt it though
 Greek_nod: sup , hottie i just wanted to tell u your hot and i want u to write me back back cutie!!!!!
 Habeebee10: yo ur hott-- whats ur sn- it would nice to talk to u-- post me back--
 LiL_Pimp: sup gurl, hows ur summer havin fun down at Markham, lol, n e ways babez holla back at me, damn u FiNe...hehe, i wonder if u saved dat pic i sent u...hmmmm, aright im out
 KOSTEEZZZ: ur cute 4 13 , message me back laterz
 SWEETLIFE: hi angel girl
 whapp3r_69: hey gurl, its me the guy who added u on msn. yeah so ill chat with u on msn. your awes mly cute
anyways msg me if u want ciao bella
 TEDSEXY: hey coco,u r sooo beautiful really.I taked your e-mail and i will talk to u from the"MSN".ok bye sweety (U R THE BEST IN THIS WEBSIDE
 PaPaDeeeZ15: hey whats up?
u live pretty far away, i live in montreal
well if you come to mtl for a vacation or something, u can msg me and we can meet or something
 SWEETLIFE: hi yoy arebeutifull leave to amessage
 arabic_babyboy: hey baby
ur very cute but a bit young but its ok cuz u look very mature
right me back plz

 skating_wonder: hey
 armenian_made: hey wus up its me again i dident hear from you yet but im still waiting and i would love it
 PartizanX: hello lovely how r u?
when u will be online byzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
 Pific: ur really cute for someone who is 13...
 armenian_made: hey wus up my name is aren im 14 yo you are so hot i was looking for a girl like you msg me back peace
 BLiNkPuNk182: hey ur cute 2 im me sumtime
 GreekThug: holla howz it going?? well im iight juss chillin lookin at ma msgz and writing back to ppl so..add me on msn will talk dere ..holla back...
P.s ur hot 2
 manoliser: Yo suppppp Hotie
man ur hottt n i mean hot
so were in canada do u live
well me i live in montreal so n e wayz add me n well talk aight babez cizoz
much luv
 smooth_355: heyz
its smooth_355
see ya onn msn..
 PartizanX: hello how r u?
np for calling ya hotty but i added ya when u will be online?
thats it for now bye bye take care see ya byzzzzzzzz
 EL_MaLuCo:  ohh u live far i live in do u have a bf ?

holla back babe
 EL_MaLuCo: hehe obrigado...where in canada do u live ....

ne way holla back bonita
 PartizanX: hello how r u?
ur soo cool and beautiful do u chat a lot gtg byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
 EL_MaLuCo: hey bonita ....ya ure hot but let me ask u a quetion .....why ure email is LatinaHeat97 ure an italian no ?

ne way write back cutie
 boarding_hottie: Hey
Yah I like all sports to soccer is my favorite so you live in toronto?? I used to live in Montreal but i moved to vancouver. What gr are you going into gr 8 or 9 well wbs nice chatting with you
~!* Bromwyn *!~
 andre206: hi
 booty_calls: Ohhhh Yeeee! Now you're talkin'...
Baby your new pic is absolutely Sexy...

Well, hit us back... let's know more about you...
Take care & have fun .... Homey...!!
 booty_calls: Hi honey, got your message!
Thanx for reply...
Why did you took off your picture? it was really nice! Well, hope you'll put another sexy one on again.
Ok, take care & have fun!
 LiL_Pimp:, freaky pic but iz nice..jus thought i might get ta know u..where u at in canada? n e ways holla bak
 booty_calls: Hi Italianhottie...
We saw your pic on the Net!
You are really sexy, are all the Italians sexy like you?
Ok, young lady, hit back, & make us happy!!!!
 nic_feltrin: hey
so ur from rome o aight

 snappleapple: yah im online now

 snappleapple: hey nicole!...nice pic..i thot u said u had two up..??...ok ne wayz..i'll talk to yah l8tz..
my ..lolz...
 nic_feltrin: hey nicole,
how r yaaaaaaaa
wat part of italy r u from???
wb soon

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