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Name:Jake and Calvin Big Daddy  Email:Members Only
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Age:41  MSN:Members Only
Ethnicity: Armenian  Yahoo:Members Only
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Last Online:2/1/2003 (GMT)   

Well, Well, Hey homy.... this is Jake & my man Kalvin... We love girls in anyway... so hit us & have fun... Sheeeeezzzeeeee! If you wanna know more about us check out our website & you will find out everything about us...! So don´t make us wait soooo long ... ´cmooon!

Sorry, booty_calls has no pictures. Check back soon!


 alien_10: hi man how r u its ok i dont know who r u but i hav a question when u r from afrika i cant be ur friend ok byby(but i remember mirdamad and i remember ....................
 sabrina80: thank u for ur msg the man in the pic. is my (husband)no no i am just joking he is my brother ..i dont think i will send more mst to your page bec. i cant control 2 friends in one page i am sorry but i dont want u byeeeeeeee
 boarding_hottie: Hey
Man you guys sure know how to confuse me lol so now I know that you are just best friends. Yah Im italian yeah im from canada. You guys seem like your having alot of fun this summer! Thats always good so yah how long are you going to be travlaling for? Like just til summer is over or wat? did you guys complete school and stuff well wbs
I luv getting messages from yah
~Your Biggest Fan~
~!* Bromwyn *!~ Luv Ya Both
 boarding_hottie: Hey
Wow that was a lot of typing it was great to read because now i know more about you guys so are you brothers like twins or something? I thought you were just friends. So yah wow you have been travaling everywhere your very lucky. So are you guys done school what did you study if you went? So do you ever come down and visit canada? Well yah it was nice talking to you hit me back when ever your not busy. TTUL
Luv Ya's
~!* Bromwyn *!~
 alien_10: hi
how r u
tanx 4 ur mesages
hav good time
take care & byby
 boarding_hottie: Hey
So yah oh I thought that you guys made those video's are you planning on making any? If you do tell me so I can see em alright? Anyways how is your summer going what have you two been up to lately? The weather hasnt been to great down here how bout where you are, where do you live again? Well I'll let you go so hit me back soon
~!* Bromwyn *!~
Luv Ya'z Both
 sabrina80: hiiiiiii thank you for your msg again i pur more pic see them and me sure from me byeeeeeeeeee
 boarding_hottie: Hey Guys
So yah when are you guys going to put up your pics?? I went to your site with my best friend (kaitlyn) romp or w.e it is did you make those video's? wit jake and all those chicks him wanting to get laid lol? If you did just want to say Great Job! But yah next time you e- me back tell me more about your self family sports hobbies? well hit me back and sorri i didnt msg you back sooner i couldnt get onto WL wbs bye luv ya'z
~!* Bromwyn *!~
 ag: hi how r u ?
thx for ur messege
with best wishes

 cutie: hey.. thank u .. so how ru ?
 ITALIANHOTTIE69: Hey umm Ma pic sux's thats mine from like a long time ago I have another one but its not being approved so I dunno....? Ne way msg me when ever .....bye babez
 boarding_hottie: Hey
Thanx why do you liked me you dont even no me so tell me more about your self do you have siblings sports??? wbs
~!* Bromwyn *!~

 sabrina80: hiiii i am just very happy for your msg but it is meeeeee just meeeeeeee if you want i can put another pic of me but just belive me
 ag: hi how r u ?
thx for ur message
have a nice day
hope to c u soon

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