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Name:Masha yevtushenko  Email:Members Only
Sex:Female  AIM:Members Only
Age:32  MSN:Members Only
Ethnicity: Russian  Yahoo:Members Only
Location:Massachusetts, US  ICQ:Members Only
Last Online:8/27/2002 (GMT)   

well im actually not frum mass, im frum keene, nh, but close enough ... i lik to go to dance clubz, in into rap hip hop and r&b... i lik to chill with my friendz... lik everything HOT HOT HOT.... so if u wanna kno more about meh..... juz hit meh back aightz, laterz....

thats meh... lik it?

me at the beach.

me before going to sleep(left)

how many picz can u have here?



 Demarco: hello masha !
 Steve23169: srry i didnt post u back. i dont really go on world lounge all the time. im not those kinda people that sit on their asses all day and chat on the internet (like my sisters) oops i faarted
 oussamos: hello sweety
 DjVolume: hey babie and what else would you like to know about me? actually i would LOVE to know more about you so hit me back or IM me on AOL to Volume16

 Snoop_Dogg: whats up sexy what part of mass you from ?holla back
 Atomicblast: hey cutie saw you on here thought you were chill Holla back
 McTwyst20: hey just wantedto let u know that u r hott and i still wanna chat hottie so hit up the page and i will hit you back ok laterz

 McTwyst20: hey gorgeous... ur lookin hot.. hit me back just to chat.. Im ur biggest fan this is Bob ... laterz babe
 sasha21: hey sexy girl how are you. write me you boy sasha.
 Steve23169: no not yet but soon
 Steve23169: hey ur cute
 kostya: ny summer is going allright and yours
 PHUNKIE: damn id give it to ya wana fly me to u
 kostya: hi kak dela
 davidsak: Ya xachu skzac chto ti ochin krasiva kgda idosh spc i vopshe ya ne ponil gde ti givosh esli mogn skgi
 whozdahottie: You know your are indeed a very intelligent chick...ud do well as one of the shews crewz hoez...

let me tell you that as a shewz hoez you don't get to only fill every girls desire by spending time with the one and only FABIAN CHRISTOV but u also get to sleep with me if iz a likin u...
u get your own room shared with 10 other fine ass girls and when u girls uptight and need some sort of stress reliever. u strip down into nothing, cover yourselves in baby oil and il massage each and everyone of youze.

thats regarded as my punishment from you girls cause i make you scream usually 10hours a day.

u get all the latest fashion from milan...usually the Lingerie and swimwear

if u got any questions too ask the FABZ i won't hesitate to answer them

or if u just wanna meet up i can answer the question every girls asks

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