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Name:Junior Operation S  Email:Members Only
Sex:Male  AIM:Members Only
Age:32  MSN:Members Only
Ethnicity: Armenian  Yahoo:Members Only
Location:Australia  ICQ:Members Only
Last Online:9/29/2002 (GMT)   

hey... how r yaz.... these are some pics of the boyz down here in Melbourne.... we all play soccer for sahagian and itz da bestttt!!!!!!

NaZ and my Cuzin aZZa

Me and Shant (bro for life)

Me and Mirush


 mischievous_4u: anywayz, hows it goin?
wat u been up to lately?
 BBBeXtAcY: NAZZZZZ> hehe remember majt ur my peasent, so stop c gulling other ppl'z food. lataza bro ooo u so sexc boi, ahahahahaha
 wata_baby: eH, so how u doin u n ur cozin r damn fine, do u go on mirc or ne thin? Hit ma Bak on MsN or sumfin......Catch baBe...... caio!
 raf_ridah: lol, maybe if i had pics i would use them
yeh madz send us some no kaka ones but hahahor ill kill ya
 raf_ridah: hey naz... lol finnlay got an account
give me sum pics to put on my page lan
msg me bak lan i dun have any msg`s hahha
 Jennifer: Hey Naz,
How'v u been. I miss u sweetie soooooooooooooooo much and shant as well give him a big kiss and hug from me ok?
Nywayz gtg now
Holla Bak
 _NiCoLeee_: seksii
 GrKGoDdEsS: hey um can u like move up 2 sydney lol thers plenty of armos here lol im joking newayz im from mascot, no where dat is? neways hit me bak byeee mwa
 GrKGoDdEsS: fuk me dead u r gorgeous! y cnt u live in sydney huh?
 YBJLS4: GIRDIY BEYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!! lool wat ya say naz?? i didnt here u?? did u say PAT?? loolwell ne ways bro catch ya soon!
 _NiCoLeee_: shpunkii!!
 _DeSiRaBle_: and also....say hey and sup 2 shant...and 2 keep in touch caio
 _DeSiRaBle_: hey naz..ur pics came up they look awsum....soo..whoes the girl?....hehehe...anyways c ya later
 WiLd_CaT: heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!
how r ya???
anyways smell ya later!!
p.s say hey to shant for me!!
 _DeSiRaBle_: thanx naz..ill say the same thing to u when urs cum up happy im the first person 2 write 2 ya...hehe anyways caio

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