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*Me & my Christo*~


Me at a wedding

Grad pic!!

me weird!!

Pre Prom 04


 aries_babii: ur gorgeous
 _JuiiCy:  GORGEOUS!

Much l0ve,
*..:: Amanda «»
 Sexii_JezZ: ehh add me energie_bro@hot its Pablo ciao sexy
 miss_jew: Wifey
how are you babymou
me im good yah
sorry if i cant go out with
you sat cause my dad is being
gay like majorly ahh i hate him
anyways you and chris really make
a cute couple you guys are so cute

so yah i cant wait for prom and our
predy lemo we got its so nice
and big and white lol hehe it songs
like im talking about something else
lol i cant wait to party the
whole night away its gonna be so yah i want
yout to come to vanier with him so
we can be close but your gonna go some
where far away from me but well
have our license so everything is cool
yah i love you pamie thanks for being there for me it means the world
Got somebody she's a beauty
Very special really and truly
Take good care of me like it's her duty
Want you right by my side night and day
remember that was our song i used to sing to you lol i still got it going
on anyways im gonna go
see you in school love you
ciao bella

 JoKe85: hey wats up this is carlo from CHILLZ Entertainment..just wanted to let u no were having a BEACH PARTY sat.AUG.14th @ club juice.3603 st.laurent corner of prince authur. message me 4 tickets and more info @ ..or log on to 4 the biggest rising DJ in Montreal right now.
 ital_mandy69: helooooooooooooooo sexyyyyyy
so when u gonna drop chris and bcome my lover?!?! lol i'm stil waitingggggggggg haha n e ways babe i love u toots i'm outties ciao ciao its finally summer we better get together eh or else i kill!!lol
 ital_mandy69: HEY BLONDIE

 VIA_GRA007: Hii,Thanks for the vote Girl!!!
 bebeka_816:  OMG i swear nobody reads my msgs eh who is this kid that msged u imma Kill him doesnt he read k thats it i need to have a talk with mufasa or hire u a body guard haha i would be one but im weak so they'd kill me b4 i kill them hehe...neways im so sad im listening to here without u wat a sad but cute song and u love it eh hehe...i wonder y hmmm..neways u crazy silly goose wb xx00x
 bebeka_816:  gurls just wanna have fun gurls they wanna have fun lol hehe during march break we gotta chill together have fun like gurls do hehe u no wat i mean except nod rinking rmemeber my sobber policy hehe...For ur bday imma buy u the lion king..we made a new friend now heh rememebr bin ladins friend wathappened to him i miss him ahhaha...i mite tell "him" to come to the movies one day so u can meet him if things go good im scared u no but will least ill be happy does he no mufasa... ... these eompticons r so cute... this lil one is u jumping up and down hehe u psyco barbie
 bebeka_816: Im the one who cares and i will go after those ppl cuz im a psyco so they should be aware aww u love him hehe so cute perfect match since ur both hard headed and brats neice is driving me bananas aboout her bday imnot cute shhh this reminds me of last summer on wl haha...i love the pic of u n him on msn so sexy but he looks like mike myers ahhhh these emoticons r so i need a bf i hope things go good then we all can be super de duper happyyyyyy!BRATTTTTTT
 bebeka_816: good u better be happy ur taken hehe i love cute we should all hang out soon hehe i swear eh ne guy who msgs u again will be reproted to chris so he can beat them up or i will them muahaha....I LOVE UUUU!!...yahi hope things work out for me too...ahhhh write me a letter eh u BRAT BRAT BRAT
 bebeka_816: ....u better be happy wohoo hehe so cuteeeeeeeee So touching hehe i think im more excited then u becuz im so happy hehee... ..ahhhhh...okie im tired and its getting to me...costa looked so cute yesterday hehe..i wanna go to opa soon again hehe find me someone now im lonely hehe love uuuuuuu BRATTTTTTTTTT
 bebeka_816: im calling u a hazoula okie hehe re im dead my english is due 2morrow and i didnt do it ughh neways bebe mouuuuu wats the good news im curious better be good and worth hearing about hehe jk...neways my drunken freind hehe...i love uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu  uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!  !!!!!!!!!!!!! ..hehe BRAT BRAT BRAT BRAT BRAT BRAT BRAT BRAT BRAT BRAT BRAT BRAT BRAT BRAT BRAT..muahaha im evil in hehe even tho u think john is gay hehe x0x0x0 BRATTTTTTTTT UR HOTTTTTTTTTTTT
 bebeka_816: pammmmmmmmmmieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee  
where r u hazoulaaa i miss u how was opa u got drunk eh hehe u bad gurl...thats my gurl im so proud alcahol is our best friend hehe i miss u come onlineeeeeee was john at opa bratttttt i saw costa last nite my head hurts ughhhhhhhhhhh im lonley without ur prob with mufasa doign something that u shouldnt be doing eh ur should u hehe k i love uuuuuuuuuuuuuuu sexyyyyyyyyyyyy and listen to the guy who said u like her kitchen pic backkk off hehe shes taken by someone uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu  u
 tonymckain: i love ur pic in the kitchen sexy
 DiOr_AdDiCt: HeYyYyY *~GeOrGeOuS*~...SuP..I jUsT fiGuReD oUt HoW tO sEnD mEsSaGeS...LoL.. AnYwAyS..LoL AnYwAyS 2NiTeS GoNnA bE A bLaSt At OpA..HehE...CiAo...~*MeLiNa*~
 DiOr_AdDiCt: HeYyYyY *~GeOrGeOuS*~...SuP..I jUsT fiGuReD oUt HoW tO sEnD mEsSaGeS...LoL.. AnYwAyS..LoL AnYwAyS 2NiTeS GoNnA bE A bLaSt At OpA..HehE...CiAo...~*MeLiNa*~
 bebeka_816: mori where have u been re hathikes ill remember that hehe neways just wanted to say hi and see how u are feeling doctor dina is here if u need her dont forget call me sometime...we gotta catch up like old times hehe gossip queen..x0x0
 davdof_22:  heyyy i think u r beauty babe
 BaMpOs_Jr: Sup Pam msg me soon
 xXBeBaXx: Hillloooooo... ur on vacation and i miss uuuuu!!!! .....its ok u'll be back going to the panigiri wont be the same without sooo sad cant wait till sunday!!
 Ennex: i see one guy on the thing thats not greek wich choes that no one looks up greek girls exept greek guys wich really kills why im even bothering typing a message so wtv ...just wanted to make u realize a fun fact ,,, hopefully ull reply ..
 whapp3r_69: hey pam its me rocco just wanted to say hi
anyways ciao
 n3mO: heyyyy ur on vacation kool ...i hope ur having fun down here its boring anyways the panigiri i heard this year they wont do it on st-rk no mo they will do it at howee morenz arena in back i think at the gay park anyways u know Dina ......she was at mcdeez? thats weird i thought it was only young girls how old is the dina ur talking about? anyways holla back at me cutie and take acre ciao xxx.
 bebeka_816: koukla mou
i know i got joannes msg u wanted me2 come online i couldnt sorry i was up north still jsut got hom no i havent forgotten about u i miss u sooo mu ch its boring here without u my phone bud lol luv ya lots xoxox
 KaRoUbAlO: allo toi guess who
 PaPaDeeeZ15: Hi how r ya
anyways dont listen to my cousoin jimmy...he has no life
he tries to be funny but he cant
anyways thats about it

 n3mO: ela José Theodore here how r ya again lol anyways re ill talk to u from msn ciao xxx.
 bebeka_816: hey
ur on vacation rite now lucky u hehe!!
anyways its a day that ur gone and i msis u lol anyways when u get back call em eh i g2g now cuz im up north so bye bye xoxo luv ya!
 bebeka_816: hey bebe mou
wl is working at last ur at the movies now and im baby sitting anyways ur leaving 2morrow so have a blast u lucky gurl!! and call me when u get back! oki and dont think of anything just have fun!! ill fill u in on everythign whne u get back luv ya lots xoxo
 bebeka_816: ti les seduce ppl mori? ise sta kala sou!! hehe!!wierdoooooo mou!!!!
anyways bye bye!!xoxo
hey dumb dumb
wtas up? u havent wrote to me u idiot itsok i still luv u anways! so wats up? hows m*** ANYWAYS UR LEAVING IN 5 DAYS NO FAIR IMMA MISS TALKIGN TO MY PHONE BUD WELL BYE! P.S. george george goerge of the jungle hehe!
 bebeka_816: hey dumb dumb!
of course u know hes hot duh duh duh! anyways appeller moi oki bye!
 sexy_angel69: heyyy pamela!!!whats up girl??i dont kno if u remember me but i saw ur pic and im like "ya thats her"...Mmy name is Mary i was on ur soccer team last yr!!!anyways holla back and add me on msn if u wnat aight later
 PaPaDeeeZ15: Hey pam, its me peter!!!
long time no speak eh?
i wanna ask u something ... do u know fi the panigiri is gonna happend in px this year and also that i missssssssssssss uuu
 bebeka_816: i havent wrote to you cuz wl hasnt been workign u stupid gurl hehe! so wats up? r u really over him dont lie to me re! yeah m***i sso cute hehe and u to r freinds lucky you! and as 4 me im waiting till sept to c what happens with g*** g2g w/b luv ya
 bebeka_816: hey bebe
yeah i know hes so hot and he looks like u knwo who even better hehe! they look like twins! anyways write back soon luv ya lots xoxo
p.s talk to J**** about all this u have to its a must and gates is a idiot i wanna kill him
 bebeka_816: hellllllllloooooooooooooooooooooooo  
whatssssssss upppppppppppp cest moi anyways msg me back bye
 bebeka_816: hellllllllloooooooooooooooooooooooo  
whatssssssss upppppppppppp cest moi anyways msg me back bye
 n3mO: ela pamela whats up im mike we dunno eachother but im shure uve seen me cause i have anyways holla back at me ciao.
 bebeka_816: hey
okay lets not talk about it if ur depressed jsut so u knwo im here 4 u always dont forget that so feel free tot alka botu it anytime anyday any! no im not calling him re im so coufused iwtht his anyways call me plz im depressed rite now cuz of soemthign else not him family so bye bey xoxox luv ya
 bebeka_816: hey
yeah im proud of!! cuz if u didnt send that email things would get nowhere at least nwo he knows how feel and hoepfully feels thr same hehe!! im sure he does! as 4 me im not calling oki bey bye xoxo luv ya write back soon
 Mangas28: vreeeeeee pamela you didnt tell me you had a piccc .........anyways its a good one hot stuff hollla back ....luv ya like a sis ttyl bye bye
 bebeka_816: hey
i liek ur pic its so cute! u did the write thing telling him that and no u werent being harsh u were honest telling him how u felt goo job.. lol! well whats up write back bye bye xoxoxo
 bebeka_816: HEY BEBE
RELAX RE ILT WILL WORK OUT DONT WORRY ABOUT IT HE LIkes U AND WOULDNT LIE ABOUT IT!! hehe this is to to cute! okay im wierd i know...THINGS WILL WORK OUT OKI SO RELAX ULL GET UR CHANCE HOPEFULLY SOON!! as 4 me g*** is a idiot hes on my mind 2\4/7 whats worng with moi anyways g2g bye bye xoxo w/b luv ya xoxo
 bebeka_816: hillo!
cest moi! y r u scared didnt he say he likes u?- hehe!THERES NOTHINg TO BE SCARED ABOUT OKI WRITE BACK bye bye XOXO luv ya
 bebeka_816: hello darling
wats up? me nm im bord anyways hows it going with*** write back bye bye xoxo
 GreekThug: hey pam was happening im iight since u told me to msg u so i did howz everything holla back cuttie
 GreekThug: heyy was up pam how u doing im iight so howz everythig halla back
 bebeka_816: hey
im on the phone with you anyways omg hes sooo damn annoying i wanna kill him u knwow ho im talking about rite wat a lsoer anyways g2g bye bey xoxo luv ya
 bebeka_816: why arent u talking to moi on msn u no wuv me no more sniff sniff! i called u but no1 answered anyways call moi or parler a mou sur msn bye bye
 xXBeBaXx: HeLlO bEbE!! wats up?! i'm bored!
lol anyways i just wanted to say
I love u, I kill u!!
and imma whip YO ass!!!! not mine lol

 Mangas28: ellaa pamela koukla tikanis nothing here get some pics and sorry for grabbing your ass at the panagiri i couldnt help myself lol that was my only chance and i could give it up lol well ttyl luv ya beybeyebye
 bebeka_816: hey brat
hows it going? yeah i can c ur bord! lol! so am i! hehe! y is that person pisisng u off what that person do tell me lol i wanna know im curious! well we got no lives cuz we keep writting back to each other hehe! i wonder y binladin hasnt been online lol i wanna bother him lol hehe! anyways g2g bye bey xoxo luv ya xoxox
my big bottie freind lol!!
 bebeka_816: hey shut up im not the msot stupidites person on earth maybe clumsiest but not stupiditest anyways call me bye bye xoxox
 bebeka_816: hey kouklara
whats up? me not much! no i havent spoken to ****** have you? anyways wats r u doing me nothing i jsut woke up hehe im bordtalk to me on msn u idiot! i know ur ont stupid u know i luv u lol hehe anyways g2g bye bey xoxox
 GreekThug: hey pam was up gurl i dotn kno u fo long but ur good friend n-e leave me a msg iight peace
 sick_greek: Yasou kouklara my name is Paul im 13 live in sydney australia i just thought id have a chat 2 u umm i really like ure name and i hope u can reply bak 2 me yasou kouklara
 xXBeBaXx: HEYYYYYY!! IT'S VICKY!! ..I couldnt come up with a better one.. lol u should have helped me anyways koula mou im going to bed so msg me later!! <--- ahahahahhaha
 bebeka_816: and u know what ur WEIRDDDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!! u deserve a spanking cuz ur a freakkk!!!!!!!!
 bebeka_816: hey kouklara
whats up me not much juss checking out the pic of hot guys hehe so..wat ru doing? so u liek him oh thats to to to to cute adorable! hehe!! and u finally admitted to it im so proud of you hehe!1 anyways g2g bye bey xoxo luv ya lots xoxox write back or ill kill u
 creten_princess: hellow big one lol how r u ya anyays u r sleepin' lol and anyways just wanted to tell u dat i luv u lol and i don care wat u get me for my bday as long as its nice lol hehehh jokin if its from u im sure ill like it or else ........ur dead look... lol hehehhehe bye bye ur "lil sis" natasha xoxoxo ciao darlin'
 creten_princess: hey "big" 1 ya i now u like him u no have to repeat me u know i think by now everybody knows like hell ya its soooooo obvious lol everytime someone says his name theers always a smile on ur face lol heheheh i think ur in love...heres u and him... lol now die BIatch die lol ur sis...p.s remeber its my b day on september 16th lol

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