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Name:Vicky   Email:Members Only
Sex:Female  AIM:Members Only
Age:31  MSN:Members Only
Ethnicity: Greek  Yahoo:Members Only
Location:Canada  ICQ:Members Only
Last Online:4/28/2003 (GMT)   

What´s up!!! This is Vicky! What´s going people, especially my girl Stav. I love you honey, BFFL! Greece 4 life!!! RIP to my girl Marilyn, there was and never will be anyone like you! Hey to my old friends in Socrates 5, it would be good to hear from all of you again so just add me to your Msn or send me a message on the WL. ELLAS YA PANDA!!!

Me And My Cousin In Greece


 Greek_God: hey vic
wuts up? not much with me ... stil drawing those amazing anime that you do? i hope you still do .. well you look good in dat pic... well i talk to you later
Bye bye (holla back if you want)
 cbabs: hey vicky..wuts up..i dono what else to write cuz i suck ..hit me back later
 bebzyboO: heyyy u sex bomb!how many more wholes did u get "!?!hehe im so happy~!hows cough cough doin does he still like cough cough..lolol hehe w/b later babe
 Greekster_Thug: Hey Vicki,
My B-Day is today!! hehe
How can you forget lol jk
Anyway, I g2g Latah!
 sexy_angel69: hey vicky!wussap??its me mary lol thx 4 the msg anyways talk 2 ya later byeee
 Italiano18: ok i guess thats a good sorry.
 SeXy_StEpHy: hey vicky babe,what's up hun?? anywayz i love the pic of us ,i put it as my backround,anywayz my godsis is comin over to watch how high wit me,s ill catch u later ,peace
 SeXy_StEpHy: VVIICCCKKYYYY,hey babe,long time no see eh?? i miss u so much we gotta get together sometime.what have u been up to lately,im probably goin to new york the 31st so anywayz im goin to car4 now so i'll talk to u later,peace babe
 BaBy_TrInA1409: Hey u!!!
Guess who????hehe,how r u???n e wayz, when u have time..leave me a message k??
luv ya lots!
 Mangas28: ella vicky its me pete..... i live in north carolina i moved from laval it sucks but mgs me back ok ........ oh ya by da way im commin back in october take care.pete
 greek_girl69: Hey Vicky!!!
How r u?? Me goooooooooood!!! Of course i remember can n-e-one forget that CUTE face and smile of yours!!!?? So what have u been up to? How's summer going? Me great so far!!!
N-e-ways.. holla back!!!
Lots of kisses!!

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