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Name:Louiza   Email:Members Only
Sex:Female  AIM:Members Only
Age:31  MSN:Members Only
Ethnicity: Italian  Yahoo:Members Only
Location:Italy  ICQ:Members Only
Last Online:6/10/2003 (GMT)   

Hi! IM a 15 yr old gurl that loves to go out and hav fun fun fun! ;o) i am tall and italian thru and thru! if ya wana chat wif me,rite me a msg!

This is me.


 MAF: Hello!! How are you I LOVE YOUUUUUUUUUUU
 leonminas: ciao....
Sei veramente troppo carina! Dove abiti ? se vuoi chiamami cosi possiamo fare due chiachiere e magari diventare amici... 340-0520286
 toto_911: hi there
u are so sexyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
and i like fun too
like u
mail me
addd meeeeeeeeeeeeee
 elgustapo: hello how r u cute girl just wanted to tell u that ur so cute and i like ur profile_
see ya
 elie_103_88: hi you are very attired please give me more photo
 elie_103_88: hi you are very attired please give me more photo
 playboy_666: hi how are you baby?
are you cute ans sexy
where do you live in italy and do you come in lebanon ?
 kluivert9: wowowowowo look this girl she`s sexy
hello000 Louiza how are u? , u are cutee babe and sexy where do u live in italia

see yaa
 PartizanX: hi why ur not sending me msg byzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
 sergiomaldini: hi ur very cute well goodbye
 detroit_shady:  u so cute
 cezar: hey baby how r u, plz if u have msn add me ok
 shadow_man: hi italian fun how are you i like funs too take care bye kind off funs
 Varouj_rap: hello
how r u??????
u look beautiful in the pic
where do u live which city ????????
Tell me about u??????
ok byezzz take care send me a msg byezzzzz
 EROSRAMAZZOTTI: hey whats up so very good pics
 megadeath: hey i think u are hott send me a pic of u sexy
 best_marc: hey u look gr8 sexy but u pushed me horney lol kidding
hw r ya
im marc cute and handsome comon give me ahug do u msn?
c ya

 lil_hellrazer: HEYZZZZ
wat up
do ya have msn

anywayz gtg cyz

 badworld94: hey whats up?
u look like cool.!!!!!!!!!!

 starfish: hi whats up how is there
 MrItaly85: Hey...nice pic..leave me msg
 hacker89: hi honey you so sexyyyyyyyyyyy plz live msg
 maksou: hey hun, u seem really nice im guna add u to my msn if u mind ill take u off aight?? well hit me bak soon take care PEACE
 booty_calls: Hi there...
You are looking really sexy baby!
Please come on & hit us back...
We got lot's of fun out here..
if you wanna know me bettre look on my Page!
ok, bye!
 cezar: hi how r u ? nice pic so i think u have msn chating
 haroutk83: hi,sorry that i am in military service, so i cannot reply you always....I check my page only on thursday and friday,look I am 19 and now i dont have any job onle the military...............I see my friends and family one time in the week only.....I know play on SAX and have car ( MAZDA ) and I took my gf before I went to the service........................I am looking for a new if u can HELP ME....I will be glad when shi was from ITALY my best country.
in the back of my car there is the fleg of italy inmy room the wall is full of italian players and more talk me about u ...Take CARE. CIAO.
 B_O18: hi nice pic ..h r u/
i do add to u on my msn .i think u have msn

 lil_hellrazer: HEYZ CUTIE
how ya been
ye im 14 tmrozz m in syd
 lil_hellrazer: OOOOO U LOOK FINE GIRL
gtg cyz
drop us a line bak

 PartizanX: hello how r u?
iam fine thx
if u do new email u add me plz ok
thats it for now bye bye take care see ya byzzzzzzzzzzzz
kisssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss  ssssssss
 BaBy_JaMbAz_4u: heyy....!
nice pic there ehhh
anyway give us a message bak and we'll talk soon k?
ciao (hehe)

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