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Name:Ani Sharabkhanian  Email:Members Only
Sex:Female  AIM:Members Only
Age:34  MSN:Members Only
Ethnicity: Armenian  Yahoo:Members Only
Location:Canada  ICQ:Members Only
Last Online:12/26/2006 (GMT)   


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 vatcheabs: well id like to say that you have done it. you have lost your touch your electocuted touch now all you are is an old hagard who cant make proper jokes or ne sence. you must go back to the electo one before it is too late. remember the eletrocutedness is within u use the force to become electrobionicwoman. thank you and have a nice day.
 Ararat84: Hey Ani i finally got my WL workin again... things are all good and as u know im goin 2 Armenia in 2 days and i cant wait... im gonna miss all of u guys.. but im gonna ESPECIALY miss workin at Baskin Robbins wit U.. heh heh....
ok yalla im out.. msg me back plz..latz
 nora: Hi Ani,
I leave today, so bye! You're going to kick my ass at B-ball! You are so funny!!!!, But when I come back, I will take you up on that! Anyways have fun here, in T.O. and don't go too crazy without me! Yerdasataz would never be the same without you, so take care! So like the Body break people say, "Keep it and have fun" Anyways bye! Luv u man!
Luv nOra Sarkissian
 vatcheabs: well electrocuted one firstoff me and nora(thats what the hicks called her) QUIT becuase they gave us a damn monster of a machine that didnt clean properly so we had to do the same steam cleaning job a milloin times over. what the hell is up with you name i thought you were electrocuted one. oh now i understand elecrtrocuted one is your secret identity. only a few may know the truth hahah. and what were you babbling about on my page with the candy crap. i feel like laughing ask someone to dance buh bye electrocuted one
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