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Ce Qui Ne Me Tue Pas Le Rend Forte ~#1. Im Egyptian and only partially Lebanese. (1/2 egy, 1/4 syr, 1/4 leb) basically im EGYTPTIAN!!! ~#2. I love musica, porque sin eso no puedo vivir. (rap, hip hop, r&b, techno, baladi, latino) ~#3. I love my family (Lara I love my mom too). Without my brother I wouldnt be alive, thanx to him and his friends I live. ~#4. Im the kind of girl who loves to socialise. Meeting new people is always good. Especially when theres a smile on everyones face. ~#5. I dont like talking to unhappy people. When you talkin to me, please smile, be happy joke around with me. Dont cry! No me gusta... ~#6. I love learning new languages. Im a beginner in Spanish, pero me gusta muchisimo el idioma, cuando hablamos es como una cancion. Very gentle language :) ~#7. Im going to Emile Legault next year :S If anyone knows it please help me out! Im a lil bit worried about not fitting in! ~#8. I love cars, drivin them, sittin in them, listening to music in them, lookin at them, smellin the new leather, everything about them! ~#9. 2PAC aint dead :) !! I feel it in my heart! ~#10. Im dying to go to Egypt!!! but someone has to come with me... :D ~#11. I live in $t-L close to GUzzO and SugrS . Basically where the jews live :S ~#12. Bacardi baby, your smile makes my day!!! ~#13. Lara you my life girl! You and my Emilineh, I love you both so much!!! Trust you with my life bibteh! ~#14. I looooooooooooooooove dancing!! ask anyone!!! ~#15. Im losing things to say. How triste. OH OH I play basket ball!!! I like soccer but Im not very good at it... GO BRAZIL!.BUT ZIDANES MY BABY..about hockey i looooove going to hockey games!! GO DETROIT!..well done for both these winning teams :D I MADE BETS ON BOTH!!! AND I WON!!! DANG u gotta have faith in me ;). MSG ME PPL IM FRIENDLY I can get along with almost anyone, unless youre 2 faced and you get mood swings 24/7. I like happy people!!! SMILE FOR ME !!! Mandaz Wordz of Wizdom :1) Never regret anything, always learn from your mistakes. My old best friend taught me that, if it wasnt for him, Omar, I wouldnt be the person I am today, God bless him, we arent friends anymore because of me, but i have no regrets because i learnt from my mistake and Im a good girl now! 2) Whatever happens, happens for a reason, because it was meant to be that way. And whatever doesnt happen, wont happen unless its supposed too. 3) Dont spend your time thinking about the past all the time...move on, think about the future and how you can make it the way you want it. 4) When you think back on the past, only think of the good things, if you do otherwise....youll see... MA$R # 1. LONG LIVE PALESTINE AND ITS STRENGTH AND RESISTANCE! PEACE ALL OVER, GOD BLESS EVERYONE. no exceptions~~~ DONT ALWAYS believe what PEOPLE TELL you, lots OF PEOPLE lie. IF you believe a liar, YOURE STUPID !!!

sharapppp, aywa it´s me!!!


 webkind: J'habite sur sauve acadie
et je vais a l'ecole la dauversiere je ne sais pas si tu connais mais c'est sur l'acadie...
Puis toi dit a quel ecole tu va

 luap: ooooooo!!! i forgot!!!!
 Lebanese_Doll: hey mandouti! i put it back just for uuuuuu bass i always remove it cuz i feel weird about it hehe
well i miss ya! and i wish 2 see u soon...but it's sick; we start school in like 8-9 dayz, khara!!
lol yalla bye gorgeous
 luap: u've got a point! but what do u mean no one is in school yet? when do u go 2 school?
 luap: i've ben great!!!! you haven't visited us at school in a while!!! u should come visit!!!
 LoStKiD: did u go to emile legault this year
 luap: hey Amanda remember me??? its me Paul from 6th grade... How ya ben??? me ok!
 HOTLOVERR: hi Wardat_Masr how are u sweet smile
 italy_senastion: hi put the message i just sent to u private please cus i dont want people calling me lol
ciao ciao
 webkind: dit moi tu veux arler de chose interesente dit comme quoi et moi je vais te parler llllllolllllll

 italy_senastion: ya listen to jen lol

heheheh so we should do some thing this week cus i dont wanna go back to school with out see you

yalla bye write back habibty
 italy_senastion: when do u start school ?

 Lebanese_Doll: shou habibteh keefik?!? thank you for ur sweet message! btw i miss u LOTZ!! where ya been! holla back sometime...we'll talk soon!
~masr rules~arabs rule~

 italy_senastion: of course i will habibty


ciao ciao

 italy_senastion: Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

how r u ?? hows every thing ??
no pic cus my scanner is at mon peres get one soon though
we should do some thing before school starts .

so how was ur trip had fun
well gotta run
ciao ciao
 Ennex: yeh i shaved it off it was all gone , it grew back,
lets just say i lost a bet .. (no details!) c ya soon
 Ennex: tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii>????
niko here sup?
i would of send u a message earlier but i never go n this stupid bullsh*t
lets not say that i hate it but .. im greek so that really kills everything cause no one messages me u know...
wtv .. lookin good ..
 1_2Man1_2Amazin: thanx 4 the comment...........
i'll try to add a good message, promise

yalla got to go
take car Jeffreychillin' like a villin'smokin:
 HARDLIFE: yoyoyo wuts upppppppp um yea im jusss w/b cuz im a nice guy lol but uh wuts ur email addy cuz i think i got u so wb n tell me wussup aight and i aint armo im persian juss to tell u

 AleXXX: hey tnx, sorry for answering too late...but im still here,lol..stay in touch
 shorty_leb_thug: ok nounou j attends que tu me add...on parlera bass dit moi a quelle heure tu sera online oki nouni???yalla take care
 shorty_leb_thug: euh aussi je sais pas pk on parle pas sur le chat bass je crois que tu ma meme pas add en tout cas essaye encore de me add je checkerai...pi dit moi a quelle heure tu chat??ok yalla write back nouni
 shorty_leb_thug: hey nouni...kifik ???en tout cas c gentil d avoir msg vraiment cute yalla n e ways we ll talk on msn right????yalla take care .......psttttt...write back
 webkind: Merci pour ton message!!!!!!

 shorty_leb_thug: hi nounou
ben ana kamen men sammine nounou alors je sais pas c qui qui deseve it... n e ways ta l air vraiment sweet ....yalla add me on msn
 shorty_leb_thug: hi wardat...listen you wrote a nice paragraph..hehe i took the time and read look like a very nice girl....n e ways just wondered if you wanted to talk to me so i could get to know you..u look very pretty yalla write me back cutie ..bye bye
 bacardibaby: haha u r 2 sweet ya im a mamas boy fo life us to we fight but its mo like a bestfriends fight u know nothin big hehehe so ya Im happy u close to yo mom 2 GOOD JOB lolol hope everythin is cool with ya Peace
 COBRA_001: hey my name paul i play tennis & live in syria i like my hobbies sex sex sex &sex becouse i m sexking take care byes
 webkind:  hi
merci pour le message que tu a envoyer.
toi aussi tu es cute
 EgYpTiAn_LuVa: Hi there cuty!
How's everything with you?
Just wanted to say thx for the compliment you made on my sister! She's the best , but what about me !!!! Anyways, hope to hear from you soon! Peace
~~~p.s. you cute 2~~~
 KiNkY: Your leaving in 2 dayzzz?????? where???? WHY???? ok yalla buh-bye!
 Anoushig86: heyyyyyyyyyyyyyy sweety!!!!!
how are you doing????
i had a really really great time with you guys today and yesssssss i mean it..
the evening was a little weird but hey the rest of the day was really cool
anywho.... i wanted to say that i loveee youuu verrrryyy much and that i'm gonna miss you like hell when you go on vacation... but i was thinking...
you know the whole thingy about getting tired fast of people.....
i really don't want that to happen between us, you know what i mean?????
yoooo i don't want to jinx anything
anywho.... bye bye babe
take care
 Tatoul: sup babe im leaving to verginia beach for 1 week so im not her i u yalla bye writh back
 COBRA_001: hi festekh laves
 pimpin: thx babe
 Tatoul: sup babe how are you yalla bye
 AraB_ThUg: Yeah!....actually im the only one that goes there and this summer im going in august 2....
anyways holla back
 Lebanese_Doll: sup manduh!!!
you gettin' popular here babe!
thought i'd pass by and say hi.
keep smiling cus u so cute when u smile.
ciaw bibi
 Tatoul: sup babe how are you if u want me just say so,if u want a ride juste say so ad if u want my juste say so...well bye babe
 Anoushig86: ammmmmaaaaannnnndddddaaaaaaaaaaaaaa  aaa.................... i forgot my bag at you house and moe forgot her wallet in my bag lolol... yoo.. i have memory problems... anyways i had a great day.. i'll call you tomorrow oky??
yallah ciao sweety!!
 pimpin: u can add me if u whant
 Tatoul: sup sexy how ru im not bad ell i had fun at cage well kiss u later babe
 Tatoul: sup sexy wanted t say hi
 Tatoul: sup babe?well i dont have nothing to say bu wooooooowwwwww bye for now
 Tatoul: you love 2pac well i do to whats your name yourr cute
I love it when people talk to me and tell me that they are Egyptian! It's a little something very important (BE PROUD OF BEING EGYPTIAN) Anyways, i was looking at the people who wrote to you, and looks like you know Theresa! I know her to...since im 5 years old!
Anyways, just wanted to say HI...and remember one thing : EGYPT#1.
Take care
 Lebanese_Doll: Ahla mandouti! You didn't tell me you were leavingggg! Where are you going? TAKE ME WITH YOU PLEASEEEE!!! hihi. Well I hope I can see you before you fly away, really! holla back!
 Lebanese_Doll: keefik mandoutah!!! it's money!
 HARDLIFE: u like wut u see?

 Anoushig86: heyyy manda..
how you doing babe????
yoooo.... it was really cool seeing you today... i had fun... only was a lil wierded out about the *30 year old thing* mouhahahahaha lol
but it's oky i guess...
soo shou fi mafi??
i don't have berry berry () much to say.... except... ummmmm....
wuv ya much.... and hope to see you before you leave..
yallah take care babe...!!
 KiNkY: hey ur message on the thingy is so ur a lil bit or every culture?!?...thats cool YOU FREAK! joke ok yalla bye...give me a msg! no one gives me one cuz i dont have a pic! and i dont have any friends! lol JOKE ok bye hehe...i feel like sutch a practicly BEGGING for a stranger to give me a msg ...looollll whatever...u dont have to hehehe bye
 mazen76: hi ya hilo
 angelo: Helllllo!
So I'm cute hun?

U have a sweet face!
I have no idea what talk, have a good day!

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