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Age:33  MSN:Members Only
Ethnicity: Armenian  Yahoo:Members Only
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Last Online:3/8/2004 (GMT)   

If you want to know things about me then write.

Me and my lil sister



 davo81: Barev aper! Vonces? Still harrassing all the ladies i see!
 lilbiatch: hva så? hvordan går d? j r jo begyndt at gå i klasse m din best friend leo underligt, du r blevet stor siden j sidst så dig. vi må mødes en dag? okay? skriv t mig jeg har li oprettet en profil vi ses Knuz Elena
 WuTangGirl: Hva' Så der din dansker!!!
Haha...! Hvor henne af Danmark bor du!?!?!?!?!?!?! Nå Men vi seUs!
 sexy6: thats kol.... i love hnging out with my friends 2...but i got only one girl friend the rest r guys so its all cool i guess

 _DeSiRaBle_: ohhh r ya seriouse poor thing anyways im glad ur betta...hehehe c yaz
 Shaila: i am studying as,how is the life there? i am planing to live somewhere else after my school...but I have no idea exactly where..maybe France or Italy or....Dänemark...?? Well,what r u doing in ur free timeor for fun ?
 _DeSiRaBle_: wattt...noway wat happened?....r ya on msn? r ya ok?
 _DeSiRaBle_: hayyyy....havnt talked 2 ya in ages how u been?
 ASIS_JAN: Barewik sirunik!Heto inch ka cheka?Hech inhces anum?
Kneres mikich ushot het gerezi,inchwor cher stazwum, chej karum metnej es edje...!
Es himi hele 2 shapat arzakurt unem!Du worjerort dasaranumes?
Eselem 9 tari ester aprum!
Duel law wor het gerezir!
Baiz hawesot merut unes, gides?!?
de, dawei poka Asis...
 sexy6: well just ask and i'll tell u
 CrazyPekky: oh ok sorry than.. i'm doing fine.. how are you doing?
 armenian_flower:  barev...well, i'm 16 y.o. as you know and i study in a high school, i'm gonna graduate it next year and i'm going to enter the first medical academy of Moscow...i'm sure i i'm 168 m and my weight is 53 i'm really slim..i'm a pure armo chick, speak 3 languages: armo, russian and english. So if you wanna know something else just tell me and you'll get it okey? ok so keep in touch
 Diesel_Queen: Awww Thanks!! Sorry I didn't get to thank you sooner. Btw, your sis looks sooooo cute in that pic. Byee*
 juicysweetz: hehe thnx for the bday wishes pixX..<3 _allachka_
 armenian_flower:  hello, i'm great, thanks for askin' wassup? how is life? tell me 'bout yourself...okey?
so keep in touch
 NigHtAnGeL: hi u going???howz ur summer???ok..hit me back))
 davo81: wassup cuz???
 sexy6: hey sup?
 CrazyPekky: hey tnx for the compliment but we both know that that isn't treu
 _DeSiRaBle_: oh really how kool...that would be fun hehe
 ASIS_JAN: bojet inchkana?
 ASIS_JAN: barew Art Jan!Wonzes?Inchkan law hawesot kujrik baiz unse!
Heto kani taries Denmarkum?
 armenian_flower:  hi there!
 AdogboneK: hi back at ya!
 _DeSiRaBle_: oh poor baby..well it was ur birthday so its kool...thell understand at work..hehe so tell me more about ur bday...caio
 Freestylin_hunny: thank u sweety!!!
 nikoula: heyyy hun... thanks for your complement! you're not too bad yourself!!
 Anichka: hey....wassup cutie? ))) how r u doing? ) listen!!!! who is Aaliyah? ))) it's very interesting )))) write back... i'm waiting))) laters....))))
 _DeSiRaBle_: goodnight
 _DeSiRaBle_: anyways hokis hope 2 speek 2 u soon caio
 _DeSiRaBle_: happy birthday sweety...hav a fun night ....take care mwah..i wish i was ther 2 party wit u..hehe anyways c ya
 _DeSiRaBle_: hey geourgous how r ya? wat u up 2..anyways keep in touch c ya

 HoKiSsS: hey there..
niceeeee pic..
ur sis is soooo cute...
neways ill cya later
 Davitik: Waaaaaaz uuuuuuuuuup son! Sig mig engang knægt... hva sker der for dig. Er der ikke nogen khzzis der ser godt ud som bor lidt tættere på end Australien???? Jeg synes næsten alle dem du skriver med er dernedfra!!!
Men ellers ser det fornuftigt ud!
Keep up the good work, n be cool!
 Tinoosh: I am going to Armenia this year and i am really looking forward to it!
Pos back soon!
 HoKiSsS: hey.
im good thanx
and yes im 100% armenian..y?
its good here i love it..
how cum u dont have a pic..
 angel4u: gey sweety!
thank put your pic lol
 _DeSiRaBle_: hey how r ya? thanx hehe...put up a picture.anyways c ya
 HoKiSsS: hey there
how u doing??...

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