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Last Online:1/7/2008 (GMT)   

Hey everyone My name is Teressita, many people refer to me as HB#4 Don´t ask what it means Im not telling you LOL right Eugie LOL???Sophie girl i love you, Carmela Anthy YOu are my girls dont forget it and i cant forget MY MORIOU !!!! YOU KNOW WHO U ARE.If you ARE greek sexy and smart pleaseee message me cause thats what i need a man that could please Lol Elias gouvakis is the sexiest guy in the world neways ppl message me whenever you want and Ill get back to your fine asses love ya ChikidoS and chikidas!!!! XXXXXXOOOOOOOXXXXXX WAIT UP HOLD ON STOP WATCHA DOING !!! who needs a boyfriend when you got a friend with benefits LOL sophia!!:)
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Carmela And Me Clubbin


 Greek_Cutie: u go to Vanier? I think u were in my socio and anthro classes?
 Hye_Shortay: happy birthdayy!
 Hye_Shortay: Hey Gurl yea sure, jus tell me the song and the artist and then ill try to find that song and when i do, ill give u the code and u can put it in ur comments ok have a gr8 dayy!
 Hye_Shortay: youre welcome !
 Hye_Shortay: ur so pretty!!
 SeXyGaL: Ela TereSsiTa~! wusup MOri?ME im just chilling, pretty bored..We r champs re. we r VIp on,new  ays chikita ,luv ya & imma see ur ass tomorow at School Laterzzzzz , Ur Fellow HB#1 cuz we all know whos The #1 Star , LOl...SophiZer XxX
 BaMpOs_Jr: hey how r u ya i remember u so wat going on holla back !!
 Greek_Stud452: Hey how's it going!!! Long time no see I miss you too. When I was on vacation and I met this girl Anna she lives not too far from your house she said she knows u!!! What a small world. Anyways lookin good and hope to see you soon......Say hi to everyone!!!

 K_i_T_T_y: You have a gorgeous backround!!!
 Redondo: hi sweety
 Lilly: at the beggining it didn't hit till later btw you look beautiful in your pictures..prom right? ttyl
 Lilly: Hi i doubt that you remember me but i just fell across your name and wanted to say hi. btw your background is beautiful, ciao
 n3mO: heyyyyyy well yaaaaa ofcourse i still remember u how r ya cutie i miss u re long time no talk hows everything me im ok i guess anyways ill try and call u sometime anyways holla back at me and take care eh ciao xxxMnMxxx.
 pimpin: ne re its tereez
 SeXyGaL: WELL WELL , Look who it is!!! HB # 1 SeXyGaL messaging ur ASS~ WusuP Babez? U look StuNnin in the pix! Actually that night we all looked stunning...with some these pix on here u'll be getting messaged left and right from sexy boys , gimme a call so we can chill aiight HOney !
 Jenny_HB3: ELA MORI!!! I miss you so much! Me with malakies and work and you with ... wait wait...NO WORK! how is that fair!? Anyways, it's Monday, 3:00pm and I'm gonna start getting ready na pao stin thoulia! Mori, it's gonna be ok though cuz I have PANAYIOTI working with me! I wanna go tomorrow shopping in the morning with you and buy the jeans I was telling you about and maybe the jacket too. Anyways call me at work when you get home, because if he sees me making outgoing calls, he'll kill me on the spot!!!! Ok mori, I'll talk to you later, ok bella?! Ciao! I you! Be good and stay chill! Bye bye!
HB #3
 kitso: hey cutie,how r u,want to get u know u better,so reply back plz.
 Hovan: Hey ... I see you got on this thing also. I came back on Monday and I just signed up so leave me a message when you have the time.
 spacone: i love what i see....
 DEREKINO: well well well look what i found...
how u doing T nice pic Jack asked what HB was and i told him iunno so ..yah n e ways holla back babe

ciao bella...HG#1
 GaMiSoU999: hey girl hows it goin? i hope its all good with u. here it's aight i guess. anyways take it ez and talk to u soon. bye koritsaki mou. costa xxx
 state_Champ_69: Put Our Picture up! Tabarnak! or youll get shot
 Jenny_HB3: ELA MORI!!!!!! you won't believe who I found on this thing! Go and look for greek_hot_devil and look at the name, the real name! You'll freak out! It's the one I wanted to LOL I think you'll figure it're smart! Or at least I think you are! LMAO anyways mori, call me when you get back from work, ok or I'll be forced to your ! lol Talk to you later Chikita! Take it eez! Ciao bella! I YOU! -xxx-
HB #3
 Jenny_HB3: ela mori! I just got home now, it's 1:10am! Work was such a piss off! Anyways, I messaged the other one, but he's still not talking to me or hopefully he's just not there and he really can't see my message. Anyways, you know what I REALLY wanna do to him if one more day goes by and he doesn't call me! : I'll make him my bitch! Anyways I'm so I'll call you later...ciao! Love you!

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