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Name:vicken Rachdouni  Email:Members Only
Sex:Male  AIM:Members Only
Age:33  MSN:Members Only
Ethnicity: Armenian  Yahoo:Members Only
Location:Rhode Island, US  ICQ:Members Only
Last Online:8/28/2002 (GMT)   

wats happenin people, u keepin it real. u better or im gonna have to put u in a like 8 head locks. Yo, let me no if u need help keepin it real. IŽll holla at u. Sticky Icky Icky Icky ooo ooo. Dirtay south people. Peace.

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 Agavni22: Hey Vicken its Natalia from datev and church.just saying hi to all the armenians here.write me back.
 ArmoMack: yO VieK! my boa! yo man, Armenia was madd chill, we goin again next year with the group, adi boodi baybay!! and yo, hope you make it to seniors , cu wont be the sizzame without you, holla!- Hagop
 laralicious: vickennn my luv! wsup? ahh i cant belive u got ur luggage and u just luv tellin me that online right when u got it! khent! guess where my luggage is?! in los angelas! they said they forgot 2 take it off da plane! can u belive this! lol its ridiculous! ehh so how r u? i think ur on da way 2 montreal to kermes 2 see ur grl! awww soo cute! lol newayz ill see ur ass soon! i miss u soo much we got a lot closer in haystan and im happy we did hehe tell ur lil bro i say hi and pet ur cat for me! lol ttyl bye hun bacheegner ~lara
 Raffithechevy: yo nigga ur back! how wqas it fool? yo i am gonna need ur help man i need u to ask ur lil bro if he knows this girl named sara panosian from new jersery? cuz she posted me and i was liek umm i didn't memeber meetin anyon from jersery recently maybe i fogot or somethin i think its messed up if i im her an i don;t know her an like she met soemone else lol. yo man please do that favor for me iight if u can dude i appreate it. oeace fee

 hyegirl11: i love thattt songg boyyyyyyyyy
 Raffithechevy: yo man i know bt when u get back wer can chill and maybe i think won't u have ur license then and we can really do some damage well kid holla peace

 Raffithechevy: hey its the frigin chevy come here and i will towe u away nigga lol and like i say once again i am like a damn rock lol. yo man u haver to check my page liek after i put my song on there lol on it believe it lol. so holla back peace
 ItchyBallz: yo what up mah nigga! i think you know who this is already cuz of tha screen name! so do you like it? well of course you do! what was i thinkin? well peace out kid ill see you at tha picnic tomm
 loulig: hey vicken had fun at datev i hope to see u again well i have to talk u more next year say hi to ur cuz hrant ok bye gtg muahhhhhhhhhhhh

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