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Name:Roman Van Damme  Email:Members Only
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Age:35  MSN:Members Only
Ethnicity: Russian  Yahoo:Members Only
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Last Online:10/17/2002 (GMT)   

Hey everybody! My name is Roman and I came from Amsterdam, Holland I just didnt see Dutch flag on the site home page so i chose Russian flag. Anyway, Im 19 years old College student who really is trying to make it big with music. MUSIC is my biggest passion in life, it is totally my anti-drug. Im a big Scorpions fan like Libazi, but I also listen a lot of U2, Goo Goo Dolls, Motley fucking Crue and all the great ass kicking rock bands. OK, enough about music, I also like to hang out with all my friends in the clubs, camping or just chilling in the VERY BORING town called Raleigh. I want to move out to LA after college to pursue my musical goals. Those pics right there are really fucked up so i will put better ones after some time. So, if you would like to get to know me better, please dont be shy and drop few words.... ThanXXX Just a few quotes that motivates me in my life: * Quiters never win, winners never quit (My hockey coach said it) * Dont give up, no matter how unfair the situation seems to be, dont EVER give up (Magic Johnson 91) * Go forward your goals and never look back (Somebody special to me said it)

Playing Guitar...

Me and Fred after Hockey Game

Me And Libazi In front 2K peop

Me and friend at the Prom


 libazi: ROLAND!!!!!!
Where are you man?? Me and Vaheh have been trying to see you for 3 nights're never home.........give me a call dude....we'll hang out soon.

 libazi: Roman!! Why hasn't anyone left you a message yet? I guess it takes time...but trust me, you'll have plenty soon!!
Sorry, didn't phone you today, we went to the movies from 10 to 12 and you finished at 11, so........
Man, I got the SCORPIONS pictures of the concert so mad , I only was able to get 8 pictures, the others are burnt, I'll tell you why just sucked, I could have had the best pics ever of the SCORPIONS... I do have 2 good ones for Rudolph though! THey're hot...
I don't use AIM, I don't know what it is. We ALL use MSN....he's on it too, it's his e-mail, the Anyways, it's 2am, gotta head to bed! Later

 libazi: Hey ROLAND, ROMAN, ROLANDAS!!!!!!!!
MAN, the guitar is awesome, we're the best together!! I hope we never stop playing....the performance was great too...anyways, welcome to the site and I'll see you when I get back from Florida....Remember that we are going to go to Wilmington too after that
LATER!! Scorpion Fan 22222222

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