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YEA ITS THE FOURTH OF JULY MY BIRTHDAY ! Hey guys wussup im Jamie aka lil james, lil chesnokov(lol),jaim,jbaby,JLee,Jam,etc.. i have 4 older sisters Katrina, Nora, Ericka, and Nadia and my older bro Sven aww poor Sven sorry ur like the only guy in the house( besides ur gazillion friends lol)! im half russian on my dads side and half irish on my moms. I live in Bakersfield CALI ya baby! Im into swimming, shoppin,being with my baby :) and goin out wit my buds--hey to my times with you you tunz: Tiff, Lucy, Briana, Rachel, Jessi. Krissi, Jenny, Wendy, Erin, Nicole, Vanessa, Lorna, Laurie, Dierdra, Casey, Tanya and Toby, and to my guys i luv ya so much: Bryan, Jon, Billy, Cal, Pat, Jackie, Travis, Henry, Matty, Matt S, Jose, Niles, Joey, and my baby Ricky! I LOVE YOU!!!<33 anyone I know who you are!! IM me @ JLC2132!! im here to meet new people since Sven and my cuz jackie thought it would be cool well im out peeps luv ya all! ..::*::..JAMIE..::*::..

like the hair? lol MUAH

me and billy :)


 pimpofdamideast: the hair isn't all i like... drop me a line gorgeous and we'll see how things turn out
 slickest: i like the hair and other stuff halla back
 Muxanataptsi: hey swetty where in cali r u from?

 sk8hawk08: hey whats up. my names robert and im from la well near la. but anyways just wanted to say u look very cute and would like to chat to u. hit me back if u want to chat.
 KIFE818: hi your so pretty and wonderfull. post me a message

 mrfleck86: yo whats up? havent talked to ya in awhile so w/b cya later luv ya

 GlendaleThug: you have a lot of friends
 bugsinglendale: previt was up sweety dam u got the body of a 19 year old are u realy 15 if u are hit me up and b4 u do just look at my pic u might like it and if u do just hitt me up and we will just kick back one day and anotherthin where u from like hollwedd or what
 flyparskhyes69: niceeeeeeeee post me bak seksi
 Steve23169: i love the hair
 XxKyannnnnksxx: sup sweety u loookin HoooT xochiz pagavarim papzye davay dacvidanya u dont look russan give me a hit bye
 Gyumri88: wow you bring up the Russian reputation

 Alpacino: HI!!!!!!!!!!

how r?

 bacardibaby: awwwwwww poor baby im sure u lookin great in those dresses babygirl!!!!!!ya my summa is off da hook everythin is goin great hehehe im so happy 4 ya sista Peace
 theREALdon02: sup u look cute are u single if u are holla back cuz u look cute
 russianniggaz47: yo james wen r u comin home u skank lol. j to the k lil sis. so wut u been up to? i just got home we miss u and Nad well c ya soon.
 libazi: Oh!!! Why did you already visit her?? I wished you were coming here would have been nice
Im not too sure about that, Cali is where there's loads of people (maybe where you live isn't that big of a place...) here it's only nature and trees.....not too many people; well Charlotte is bigger than Raleigh (where I live) but still.....
So, do you speak Russian? and how long have you been in the US?
Hit me back babe! CiAo

 BigBallinSS: Sup Cutie!!! Well theres nothin much here but just goin to school and to the beach on weekends. I'm from Glendale, Southern Cali. iight liljames peace out!!!
 roby714: HEYYYY I JUST CANT BEELVIE HOW BEATIFUL YOU ARE : so write me :_) do u have msn messenger?
 sash: hi babe u r hot'n I like you

e-mail me some times(if you want so)

 MaYo1622: awww we got the same birthday... i mean sure im a few years older.. but hey its all good..... ur a cutie.... and yes... love the hair..
 oOSimPOo: bakersfield? whoa.. i feel your pain
 bacardibaby: hey baby thanX BaCarDi 4 life girl lol and damn u lookin good wow!
 mrfleck86: yo, i havent gotten on this in awhile, but im writin to you for no damn reason lol. im just sayin whats up? how ya been? you know the usual, well w/b soon cya later
 emin8888: HI THERE HOW R U ?

 CockStaR: You shouldn't show your tities like that on the net
People get horny
 RollinInCali: hey wuz up sweety????? how r u????? i see u gotta new pic hu? nice nice!!!
 Sexxychic: hey hunni!!! u think im pretty!? omg look at u!!!!!!!!! haha well what have you been up to? im from Arlington, massachusetts...its mad boring here lol. There must be a lot of hotties out there! thats so cute that your brother thinks im cute haha ur so nice! well message me bak g2g!! do you have AIM? message me sumtime!
 russianlev: hey babe
i realy want to meet u please just hit me back
 Sexxychic: Hey gurl!!! whats going on?! i talk to your brother all the time. So what part of cali are you from? Well holla bak! bye t2ul!!!
 ARMENIAN818: Hey cutie, how r u? where do u live in california. holla bq cutie
 mrfleck86: what up nigga lol. how ya been doin lately? im just kickin it and talkin with friends, you know, the usual. hey i should be gettin my pics up soon, hopefully, i gotta find some good ones lol. hopefully i dont look to goofy lol jk well w/b soon ill ttyl and im just wonderin when are you goin to get your instant messenger workin again well cya later babe
 KINOVKEFGE: thanks u are too.. where in cali are u from?
 PhantomSlurpee: no its alright.....i was being of a dick.....thinking of sorry....anyway i hope we can keep in touch still, write me back later, whenever you want
 MishaGangster19: HEY WHATS UP CUTIE!!!!!!!!!1
 PhantomSlurpee: hey i was just wondering if u were ever going to write me back? i guess i not that appealing to talk to so i you dont have to if u dont want to. well bye, i guess.
 PhantomSlurpee: hey i was just wondering if you like incubus....write back soon
 mrfleck86: damn, thats in new hampshire. i would of never guessed, i was thinkin some place in like colorado or california. well tell me a lil more about yourself. like favorite movies, hobbies, etc. you know the usual lol w/b im gettin pics soon its just my scanner is retarded cya
 baller_geez: SUp SUp u look goo urself...dammmm i like the first pic... .... u got any other pics.... for me
 sak: oh hi
u have 00 sow cool baby can i tuch them?
 mrfleck86: hey in the bottom pic, where are you? im jsut curious, because that place looks cool. w/b soon cya later aligator lol thats one old saying cya
 PhantomSlurpee: Hell yea I agree with Logan. But anyway I wanted to say: check out my page! I got my pics up! Write back soon!
 PhantomSlurpee: Hell yea I agree with Logan. But anyway I wanted to say: check out my page! I got my pics up! Write back soon!
 mrfleck86: hey whats up? you should put some pics of you like doing modeling stuff because it would look good because your a beatuiful girl w/b soon. peace!

 crzysucka51: where da whipped-cream and strawberrys at
 PhantomSlurpee: Hey I just uploaded my pics up to my page and I have to wait for them to be approved...I guess they don't want people posting themselves nude on this thing huh? lol anyway message me soon and check out my pics as soon as they are "approved" talk to you later...

 StudInBoxers: hey sexy...weel i just got off a serious relationship so im not seeing any one right now but hey its all good
 DjVolume: hey sexy thanks, you look
: : H O T : : by the way i'll be in california next month so halla back at me or AIM to VOLUME16
 GrGangsta: Hey Jamie
Thx for the compliment.
Ur pretty cute urself too
Anyways holla back
 PhantomSlurpee: Hey I'll get my pic up soon enough.....I just need to get around to fixing my scanner. Until then keep in touch and tell me about yourself! Talk to you later babe.
 mrfleck86: damn that was you in 7th grade well you did look good in that picture. im gettin my pic soon so you can see it at my page. w/b

p.s. i dont think you will be disappointed in my appreance, but anyways you seem cool as hell and you also look beautiful in these new pics dont get me wrong well cya later w/b soon
 StudInBoxers: hey are you babe?
i hope everythings is great.
Well thanks 4 your message and by the way you are very hot...and yeah i do like the hair
Id love to hear from you againe...the sooner the better
is the guy on the pic your guy?
if it is lucky him
 KaRoUbAlO: hey there
you look good as well

 I3allinUup: nice package...lata
 VaSiLi55: Hey Jamie...
My god your gorgeous...
thanks for the message.
im glad you did...
When I saw you I
Well msg me back
also if you want more info on me
check out my site.
dont forget to sign the guestbook.
 mrfleck86: why did you take off that other pic, you looked good in it. well c ya later i gtg kick it with my friends w/b and get your AIM workin so we can talk cya
 BaLLinHyE17: ur beautiful! and where from cali are u? hit me back. we'll get to know each other better. bye

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