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Name:Shanna S  Email:Members Only
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Age:42  MSN:Members Only
Ethnicity: Armenian  Yahoo:Members Only
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Last Online:1/20/2003 (GMT)   

The 3 Bs that rule my life: BOOKS/BOOGIE/BOOZE and oh! perhaps a T for travel! I love meeting people and having a yak and have a passion for languages n singing. Im in the publishing line and I work with teens heaps! So if u do email me n u find I talk crap, its due to burnt brain cells from working them restless ones.... LOL! PS: Im not Armenian and there doesnt seem to be an option that suits moi..... :-)


moi Part 2



Re Hello Dearest,
I am Mrs Nadia Myriam Abdulraheem i will like you to write me on this my email ( ) so that we can know each other better and i also have some thing interesting to share with you.
yours new friend
Yours Miss Abdulraheem
 jeffreykumjian: Hello my name is Jeffrey from Florida usa. I like to chat on line with Armenian people. Hope to hear from you.
 oussamos: helloo!
 george381: hi merci for your message and you speake armenians ok and you youi are a good girl gooddddd ok byeeeee
 Navy22: hello shak
how are you nice pictures lol so hope i'll catch you soon so be carefull and take care off yourself bye
 george381: hi fstkhhhhhhhhhh
 Arakel: Hey there,
It can't be, you look so armenian!!! How is life treating you down under?! Later,
 hampig10: are u fine ..this is my need ....
hampig .......
 oussamos: well first, i would liek to thx you that you reply for the message!* & wanna tel you that loooking for ward tyo chat with youu ojnlinee on msn or messenger if you like
 oussamos: hello how are you!

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