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Name:Varouj hagopian  Email:Members Only
Sex:Male  AIM:Members Only
Age:31  MSN:Members Only
Ethnicity: Armenian  Yahoo:Members Only
Location:Lebanon  ICQ:Members Only
Last Online:8/26/2002 (GMT)   

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its me


 pretttypoison66: hey varouj wazzupp? my name is anna i just wanted to say i like ur background. i wanted to know if u can help me get something on mine to so write back to me k bye
 Funny_Stephy: hey i like ur backroung it is cool so hit me back yalla byeeeeeeee:
 Nath34: heyyyyyyy 10x for ur msg and ur profile is soooooo cool cz i'm in love with slim shady cs he rockssssssss , well i live in lebanon/jounieh/sarba and i think u have a nice pic too see yaaaaaaaaa
 dollygirl: hey how r ya?thx for ur massege and if u wanna add me here is my email but delete it after u read plz coz i dont want them to know about my email tamar000@.. see ya take care byez...
 Funny_Stephy: Hey Wazzaup well yes lebanon hamra nesderem and u ??? so keep in touch byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
 Funny_Stephy: Hey how r u well i see that u like too much football and u are online alot lol thats cool anywasys hit me backk soon bye Mwahhh
 Funny_Stephy: Hey wazzup ?? i am fine thanx well dunno what to say about my slef i like to talk to ppl like to make new friends and stuff lol so tell me more bout ur self what do u like to do and stuff so hope to hear from u soon bye Mwahhh
 Funny_Stephy: Hey thanx for repling back so what do u do in life ??and how are ur days hit me back soon byee Mwahh
 Funny_Stephy: Hey there u look niceeeee i just wanted to say hi Hit me back soon byeee Mwahhh
 mmaarriiaahh: hey how r u ?
i need to know about u!
tell me do u know me?
or ,,,,
so take care and write me back
 mmaarriiaahh: hey laves varouj
first of all 10x 4 ur message
why do u wanna know a lot 'bout me?
is there somethin wrong?
or just .....
but its ok
if u have somethin to tell me just write me ok?

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