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 ArabDREAM: hey u thnx for ur vote
 lucious_leb18: hey, thanx for your vote
 anastasia88: heyy monn amourrrr
 alz_86: Je vois aucune photo moi mais a lire les texte je suis cramper suis a terre , ke le monde peut etre fou, pis hahaha esti y a des faces ayoye tu t es mis tout nu ou koi anwz habibi Lama tu m as aider a terminer ma nuit avec des rires yalla babytake care
 str8Playette: babyyyy i miss youuuuuu goimin over eh dont forget the sleepingover thing we gonna take pics again lol hahhaha remember the handycaped ones lol hahaha bad bad prob ima come ummmm on wednsday

 Yo_StuD: helloo lama how r u
 MiNtCyPrIoTDoG: hiii sexy lama how r u i had to tell u since u left my mint school i cant stop havin horny dreams about u and now i have to jack off with that dirty zena instead of u anyways i figured i had to stop hiding myself and just let it out of my mint heart anyways msg back sexxxxyyyyy later cheezy
 its_AnThOnY: hey sweety u look pritty good in this pic i know i am talking as all but i assure i am different and i am intrested

heya gorgeoussssss

baby u look so hot in ur new pics!!!!!!!!

 Greek_lady_05: Hallllloooooo!!!!!! how you doin'??? lol about tuesday i'm not sure cause my father came and i can't go out...he is going to leave on wednesday...anyways we'll see maybe i won't to ya bye!
 Greek_lady_05: haalloooo!!!! guess who this is?? how are you man??? i am good anyways write back! mouatch moutch!
 icecube991: hi baby i love pink your are very cute and sexy
 shorty_leb_thug: wassup lama....kifik....hehe im good ...yalla jte parle sur msn pas besoin de worldlounge toi....
yalla bye baypink...
damn u pretty girl
 SwEeTiE: lamzinnaaaaaa i love ur new pic u look soooooooo good there lol i miss u lol well i'ma see u tomr. at the dancee yeeee lol ciao -xxxxx- luv ya
 elgustapo: hey cute girl how r u , well i like ur pic and i want to chat
this is my msn
 hailmary97: wasup cuty?
how r u?
have you been to Laronde?

hope you enjoyed it
yalla habibi je dois y aller moi so see ya take care
je te revois online si tu rentre ce soir
love ya

 scarface_riddim: hey sweetie !!
damn you look good
so what up shuggar??
tell me about ya
anyway juts wanna drop a hy
so later
pop me back
take care
 khatchig666: can i chat with u on msn ?
 SwEeTiE: heyy babe wut's upp ..hows summer school? haha jk jk hope to see u wednesday aight ciao -xxx- (K)(K)(L)LuV YA MOUAH!
 XtC_G: hey my baby pink

sweety i would put my pics up except they won't accept them

where u at?

sik ya l8er babes
 khatchig666: oh sweety u look so hot
plz can u replay me ?
 XtC_G: lak no
 lucky_groovy: I dunno it's so boring there's nothing interesting to do!!!
imma my self lol
 lucky_groovy: lammaaaaa!
how r u cutie???...having fun this summer?? omg me its the worst summer ever!!!
yalla hit me back
 kingofnothing:  thx for ur mesg
het tell me which address u want me to add .... ? ? ?
 kingofnothing:  hey what should i call u u like making new friends ..... u can add me to ur friends list on MSN ...ok sweetie..waiting for ur answer
 str8Playette: lamaaaaaaa.....wWwwWwwhhHhhHaAaAAaA  tTttTtTt......haha yee n e ways u are sleepin right next to me lol ...sleepy head. write back when u get up
HAHAHHA ok ok stupiddddddddddddddddd
buh byeeeeeee

 sexy_t: lama !!!!!!!!!!! I miss u babe anyways holla back @ me
love ya sis
 anonyme: yes
juste un hi un peu plus car j aimerai bien te connaitre

 TaNtOuN: HEy abbes, sorry i didnt answer bedore... so howr ya???!!!! damn babe ur leb?? u lookasian on the 2 pics.. hehe bass ur soooo adorable !! so tell me more about u... yalla CiaoZzZ!!!
T~o~N~y xXx

 lucky_groovy: hey lama(tania)lool!!
itz steph btw!!yalla babe nice picz cya 2morrow ciao
 anonyme: jolie tres jolie une reponse
 armo_thug155: yup yup thats what all of the girls say, i no why its cuz of ma sexy body and ma looks lol jk sup !!
 AraB_ThUg: I know !!..I love montreal....but my mom moved to toronto because she wanted to live beside all her sisters and i said ......thats dumb because all the peaple in montreal are arabs and they treat you like sisters lol
well yalla im out Holla Back
 armo_thug155: damn!! you nice~~! what up doe? msg me back
 (((armenian4life))): wooooow nice pics girl
 AraB_ThUg: YA ALLLLLLA lah mout!!!....i use to live in montreal but never seen girls like that i moved to toronto EVERY SINGLE lebanese girls is HOT!!! ........hope you write back peace \\//

 XtC_G: hey i'm rodney...half african american half armenian i'm 19 yrs old, live in syd...soon movin 2 LA

well i'll catch ya l8er

take it easy, keep it sleazy...mwa bai
 SwEeTiE: Ya Lama their so black my pics besides i wanna take nicer ones aight yup sooo yalla lol jk ella ciao -xxx-(K)(K)(L) Luv YA maybe cya tomorow aight
 SwEeTiE: heyyy wut's up lol ... ya nice pics lama lol n-ways have fun at laronde watching the fireworks tonight hehe
ciao -xxx- (K)(K)(L)Luv Ya
 str8Playette: when did i diss ur pic u xazo! ade bye!
 str8Playette: heyyy!koukla mou! how are u well im ok my account hasint been active yet but iss alright n e ways im comin over bye!!!!!!

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