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...About myself...Im hye and livin to be everythin I can be, I luv girlz on different type of levels, im still ballin, & just chat & see waz up
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 Hotstuf: oh ya i like giurls 2 lol na 4 real thought i do!
 Hotstuf: guessss whattttt im viwer number 02222 << thats my bday =) 02-22-8* ha ha
 AnGeLBaByN812: Hiiiii
 manooshak: thx...
 HyExGigGLez916: heyy wazzuppp..!! thanx for ur post..=) well thatz it...hehe..take care buh byeeee young buh-byeeeeeeeeeeeee
 KeVoRkNuM2: Yo wattup i just read ur post , it was so buiteful so anyway wassupn2m here bak to the good old days , u know gettin by u know who. wat bout u , r u bored without me around, u dont have anyone to jump on that sux. damn its a good thing i gave u this site. the plane ride sucked for me i couldnt even sleep thanx to davit so all i could do is smoke some ahhhh. aighhtt g2run later Foo!!
 LilJames8: hey man sup? im just chillen here ur so nice thanx i luv havin my b day on the fourth of july nice presents. well im out c ya!
 Hotstuf: ha ha kuttie =) guess whoo lol kay bye i fell stupid la la la
 HyEx4xLiFe: tight ass shet dawg, ara this shets bangin bangin

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